Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What a wild ride this life is.

Everything in our corner of the world is going great at the time being. Adelaide and Lucy are loving mom's day out and their teachers are both fantastic! Julianne and I are enjoying our 3 days a week as a duo, and I can't believe how much easier life is with just one little girl to take care of. However, she is getting more and more challenging the older she gets. Julianne is now walking!!! I can't believe my baby is a year old and walking all over the place!! Where has the time gone? Her walk is precious and hilarious to watch. Adelaide (especially) and Lucy (sort of) both walked a bit like apes when they first started. You've seen it, the walk where they have their arms up over their head and their legs take huge, exaggerated steps. Well, Julianne is quite the opposite. She walks with short, very feminie steps with her arms at her side... but the steps are far too fast for her skill level and they often result in a fall. It's cute nonetheless.
Lucy has made a huge achievement in the last week! She's wearing big girl panties all the time now! Even at night!! Woo hoo, Lucy!! What a big girl you are! I can't believe I only have one in diapers!
We are leaving for Disney World one week from today, and I'm a bit overwhelmed at the idea of packing for this family of 5. We're going to be gone for 12 days, so I guess that equals at least 24 pairs of princess panties... oh boy!
Both Adelaide and Lucy are taking gymnastics and loving it! They are having a blast! Lucy is the youngest in her class and she often doesn't really do what the other kids are doing, but what she's doing, she's doing with all her heart!! Sweet girl!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A day in the life...

Well, mom's day out has started again, and the lazy days of summer are over, wait, they never really existed. Lazy days are long gone around here... these ladies that live in our house are anything but lazy! We seriously had an awesome, fairly uneventful, summer full of park visits, zoo excursions, splash pad days and lots and lots of popsicles. We really had a perfect summer. But now, we are back at school and the girls are loving every minute of it! I haven't quite gotten into the school routine yet. I'm still overwhelmed with packing lunches and making sure they have everything in their school bag on time... you know, all the stuff that gets to be old hat by the end of the year, but seems so daunting the first couple of weeks.
Adelaide and Lucy are both going to school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and Julianne and I are enjoying some one on one time together. She's taking her first kindermusik class on Mondays with Miss Jill, and she loved her first class! I'll try to take pictures next week. Adelaide's class is really functioning more like a
4k class than mdo this year, which I'm thankful for. We are still prayerfully trying to decide what to do regarding school for next year. I'm torn between homeschool and public school, and right now I'm leaning toward public.... that's a really long drawn out story, so we won't go there, but just keep that decision in your prayers!
So, Adelaide is taking gymnastics and Lucy is also taking her first gymnastics class!! So far, they are both very happy with their classes, and I'm once again, being the taxi.
There have been so many times that I've wanted to write a blog post to update everyone on what's going on, but really haven't made the time to sit down and do it... so I'm just going to skip all of that and move right onto bullet points and then move on!

~Julianne is taking her first steps and it's oh. so. precious.
~Adelaide thinks she's grown. Seriously.
~Lucy has anger management issues.
That pretty much sums it up... just kidding... kind of.