Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Here we go again

Well, the last time I put pen to paper (or fingers to keys, I guess) was almost a year ago. Jason took over this little blog while he was gone to Peru and kept everyone updated on their progress there, and now I'm back to let you all in on the events that go on in our little family.
A lot has happened in the last year, and I hope to play a little bit of catch-up over the next few posts. We celebrated 3 birthdays for our girls. Julianne turned 2 in August with a Sesame Street themed party.

Adelaide turned 6 on October 15 with a Tangled soiree

, and Lucy turned 4 on October 24 with a Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday party.

I absolutely loved giving these parties to all three of them. I love to see their faces light up and hear them say how much they love everything! I know that my days of throwing fun, themed parties are limited. Soon, they will just want some friends to come over for a slumber party and I won't get to make fun cakepops or life size Repunzel towers... well, not really life size, but relatively tall for kiddos. :)
Adelaide started kindergarten in the fall and she LOVES it. She's had a great year and made some great friends. I am constantly in her classroom. I want to be the first to know when anything's going on at the school and I think the best way to accomplish this is to be present... all. the. time. I work in her classroom and go to PTO meetings... there's always something to do! Lucy and Julianne are in preschool and they love it too! Lucy has really taken over the role if big sister since Adelaide is in school most of the time.... at least at the times they really play together. She loves to tell Julianne what they're going to play and what they're going to do. Julianne is usually very happy to play along. They get along very well together! Now, Lucy and Adelaide, however, are butting heads recently. I guess they're fighting over the "big sister" territory. They seem to fight constantly! Hopefully they will figure all this out soon and be back to big buds! I know with 3 kids, there will always be a relationship that is stronger, but I want them all to love each other and play well together! Lucy and Julianne are closer in age, though, so it's fun to watch Julianne growing into a sisterly relationship with Lucy rather than just being the baby in the family. I love watching them play together!
Anyway, we're gearing up for another trip to Peru... well, Jason is going to Peru and I'm gearing up to hold down the fort. I have prayed HARD this year for his trip along with our survival while he's gone. I am accustomed to running this ship by myself a lot of times on call nights or when he's working late... but there's just something about knowing he's out of the country that makes it seem harder.
Well, kiddos are asking to be fed. I guess that's not too much to ask. ;)
I hope to catch up some more during the week.
Thanks for reading!