Thursday, January 13, 2011

True story...

Okay, I know we all like to sit and pretend like we have it all together and everything is wonderful. Here's the truth. I'm. Totally. Overwhelmed. We show up everywhere we're supposed to be with whatever we're supposed to bring wearing matching clothes right down to the underwear and hairbows... but the truth is, I don't have it together. At all. Everything was running smoothly (pretty much) until the last few weeks when I feel like everything has gotten exponentially harder. Julianne (17 months) is climbing. And I don't mean like a little bit... she's standing on the island. All the time. She stands in the stools by the island, she stands on the counters. She climbs in the bath tubs, she's climbing on tables... she pretty much climbs on everything. Which means that I can't turn my back for a tenth of a second. Did I mention I have two other children that also need their mommy?
I have no idea how to make this all work. I feel like I spend all of my time and energy meeting their basic needs, but every one of my girls is at such a different stage from her sisters. I can't sit an read a book to Adelaide because Lucy needs help going to the bathroom and Julianne is sitting on top of the washing machine. I can't sit and rock Julianne (for long) because someone is pulling someone's hair, or taking someone's toy... or whatever!!! It really makes me upset, because I don't feel like I'm enjoying any of them the way I want to. I had visions of sitting and playing chutes and ladders for hours on end... truth? I can't sit for 10 seconds without being interupted.
I'm losing my mind... can you tell? I stay completely and totally exhausted at all hours of the day. We begin our day (way too early in my opinion) with battles of what's for breakfast and which plate we will eat off of and I didn't want a toaster streudel, I wanted oatmeal... blah blah blah. So, here's the solution...
Just kidding, I don't have one. Yet. I'm praying (for real, y'all) and I know that I'll get an answer, because otherwise, I don't know that I'll ever birth another child. Which might be a good idea.
Stay tuned for an upcoming post called..... drumroll..... "Girls and squirrels" that will be written as soon as we (Jason) trap whatever bohemoth animal is living in our attic.