Thursday, September 25, 2008

New favorite quote and new Bible study

So, my new favorite quote from Adelaide, "Whoa, you sure do have crazy hair!" (to the lady working in the chic fil a drive thru)! What do you say to that!?

Some of the girls at church are starting a new bible study tonight and the topic is "For such a time as this Women of the Bible who made an impact"
I'm really excited to see where this study leads us. I've only read through the first lesson, but I think it's going to be a really good study. The first lesson talks a lot about God's timing and doing things for Him in His time. That just really made me think about waiting on God and listening to when we should be doing things and how He says to do them. We only know when and what to do by listening to Him and reading His word. I hope and pray that this study helps me to be a better christian woman, mother, wife and friend.


So, as some of you know, my sweet, precious, independent Adelaide has been possessed by some other strange alter-ego! She is now scared of everything (as mentioned in the Disney World post) including Mom's day out and Bible class. Now, this child has gone to Bible class since she was just weeks old... and never a tear... until now! And you would think we were sticking her with a hot poker! She wails from the time we drop her off until we pick her up. She has now had 2 days at Mom's day out that she has stopped crying fairly soon after drop off... so that's been a relief. I've been telling her teacher, however, that she doesn't do that at Bible school... so I'm not sure why she's doing it now... Well, leave it to a child to make a liar out of you! Last night was the first time she cried in Bible school, but it was bad! She was to the point of hyperventilation! Where, oh where, is my independent child!? Anyway, I don't know what to do about her and her fits... any advice???
And she starts gymnastics today, so I'll be posting a picture and letting you know if that comes with any fits.

Monday, September 22, 2008

First day or school

Adelaide is attending Hunter Street Baptist Church Weekday again this year. She started going when she was about 18 months old one day a week in order to give Mommy some much needed Mommy time. At 2, she started going 2 days a week and this year she's going three days a week. It's really nice to have some time with Lucy since her time is usually spent with Adelaide. And it gives Adelaide some time to do things socially and interact with other kiddos her age.

She's doing well... other than the "I want my Mama" phase we are currently going through. She doesn't typically cry when I leave, just after I'm gone. But she had a good day today and for that I'm thankful.

Disney World 2008

Well, it's confirmed... we are definitely crazy! Jason and I took the girls (yes, Adelaide and Lucy) to Disney World again this year. Adelaide went for the first time last September when she was almost 2 and Lucy was there too (I was 8 months pregnant) but she didn't get a good look at anything. Adelaide loved everything last year! The phrase of the week was "ride that." She wanted to do everything. We left early (often waking her up to go) and got back late with a short nap during the day and she was no worse for wear. This year... different story. You would think that Lucy would be the difficult McKeown on this trip since she was only 10 months old at the time, but not quite! Adelaide was suddenly scared of everything! The dark, loud noises, fireworks (sorry, she got that one from me)... you name it, it was scary. If it wasn't scary now, it was bound to get scary and soon! So, it made everything a bit more complex. Luckily, the characters were a hit, along with Dumbo and the carousel. If it was outside, it was ok.. just none of the indoor attractions. It's a small world... absolutely not! Way too creepy!!!
Lucy just hung out and went with it in typical Lucy fashion. Sleep in the stroller, eat, sleep in the stroller more, eat, get out for a ride, eat, you know... whatever. She's such a good baby!
So, the trip was a success overall. Adelaide had a blast aside from an occasional meltdown and she's still talking about it. And Lucy, well, she was there and we have pictures to prove it!
We had an awesome time as a family and Joel and Che` (our extended family).
We are so blessed and thankful for everything the Lord has given us. Our girls are everything to us and we are so fortunate that they are healthy and they fill our lives with such joy!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Getting Started

Well, I've been encouraged to start blogging. I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to be talking about, but I'll try to figure this out as I go!
As most of you know, the girls are now almost 3 and almost 1! I can't believe how fast the last several years have passed! Jason and I married in 2003, had Adelaide in 2005 and then Lucy in 2007... it's just been the most amazing ride!
Both girls are so much fun and bring new things into our lives everyday. Adelaide is really into Princesses and Mary Poppins right now. In fact, this morning we were taking Lucy to the doctor (nothing bad, just excema) and I told Adelaide we were going to see Dr. Smith. She immediately said "I don't like Dr. Smith." And I said "Why not?" She quickly responded "He has a wooden leg." I was really confused at this point. She said "He has a wooden leg named Smith" That's when I caught on that she was referring to the joke in Mary Poppins about "I know a man with a wooden leg named Smith" which is followed by another "chap" that says "what's the name of his other leg." Anyway, things like that keep us cracking up daily!
Lucy is on the verge of crawling. She is trying so hard, but she just can't seem to get everything going at the same time. She is on hands and knees but when she tries to move forward, she does a face-plant into the floor. For now, I'm enjoying the rolling phase... at least I can still find her close to where I left her.