Thursday, January 28, 2010

"I'm gonna tear your head off"

So, Lucy and Adelaide are sharing a room... and the latest piece of conversation I heard over the monitor (a.k.a. my secret spying device) was Adelaide talking to Lucy about waking her up too early. Lucy woke herself up coughing yesterday morning at 6:15 and Adelaide knows they are supposed to stay in their room until 7:00. So, Lucy woke Adelaide up saying, "Adelaide... you wake" Adelaide finally said, "Lucy, if you don't get back in your bed and be quiet, I'm gonna tear your head off... do you want me to tear your head off?" Lucy: "No." Adelaide: "Then get back in your bed and be quiet."
Uh... what's up with the violence?
Anyway, Jason and I get a good laugh out of it and nobody was harmed... so there....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My crazy kids

So, I wanted to share a couple of quotes with you from my girls from the last few days.. by the way, my kids are hilarious! I know everyone thinks their kids are funny and cute and all that junk... but mine are really funny! Okay, maybe I'm biased, but I don't think so!
So, Lucy was acting majorly goofy the other day and just being an all out attention hog. This is a bit out of character for Lucy sometimes, but when she turns it on, you better watch out! So, I was hugging on her and I said, "Lucy, who taught you to be soooo silly??" And she looked me right in the eye and said, "Jesus".
Now, who can argue with that!?

Then, last night I had given Adelaide and Lucy a shower and we have these little monster things that squirt water. Well, there are three of them which poses a problem since that gives one girly one monster while someone has two. Why don't you just take one away, mom, you might ask... well, because that would make too much sense. So, Lucy has two (imagine that) and Adelaide says (in her teenager voice *scary*), "Lucy, you better give me that monster by the time I count to ONE!!!" haha!!! Maybe you could give her at least to three if you expect her to comply!
Oh well, it made for a good laugh.
We started kindermusik today and the girls had a blast... that was at least the word Adelaide used to describe it. Julianne sat in the stroller and took everything in while being her perfect baby self! Adelaide was directly under the teacher's feet (as usual) and Lucy was wrapped around my leg (also her usual position). Lucy finally worked up enough confidence to participate in the goodbye song... oh well, maybe next time.

Gotta run... laundry, counters, floors... you know, the normal junk is calling my name!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

The playroom smells like elephants...

So, we have employed a new routine at the McKeown household. Adelaide has begun working with a responsibility chart in order to get her accustomed to helping out at home. It's pretty much done nothing other than keep her in her room until 7:00 (but that's enough for me). There are things on her chart such as, clean up toys, share, get dressed, brush teeth... you know, stuff she should be doing anyway. However, it really is helping me. So, I've been laying out her clothes at night in the playroom (directly across the hall from her room) and putting her outfit in her little pottery barn chair and Lucy's in her her chair... and after breakfast, I send them upstairs to make their bed (pretty much just Adelaide, but I'm hoping Lucy will pay attention and start someday) and get dressed (again, just Adelaide, but I come up and help Lucy). This had really helped me because they go up for a few minutes and I'm able to clean up the kitchen from breakfast and get their lunches ready on school days. Well, this morning, I had not yet gotten a shower (long story, hubs was snoring like you wouldn't believe, Lucy coughed her head off, I slept terribly and was just in no mood to get up and shower before the kids got up. I normally exercise on mondays, but didn't this morning)so I sent the kids upstairs and I hit the shower. Well, Adelaide got dressed and Lucy got naked upstairs, and they both came down. So, I went upstairs to gather Lucy's clothes and get her ready... and guess what I found all over the playroom... poop!
Lucy had taken off her poopy diaper and left the contents all over the playroom. Thankfully, it was just scattered and not played with. It looks like she had carried the diaper and it all just fell out. But still... *gross*
So, I got to clean the carpet at 8:00 this morning!! woo hoo
However, while the playroom smells like elephants, the rest of the house is clean!!! My housekeeper has officially started cleaning every week now instead of every other week!!! yay!!
Moving on, I'm making chicken and dumplings tonight, so I'm going to finish up the laundry and get started...