Friday, May 25, 2012

Flashback Friday- Our engagment

I have totally forgotten about flashback friday for the last couple of weeks.  But today I remembered it's Friday!  :)  So, here's the story of our engagement... you got the scoop a few weeks ago about how we met, so this the rest of the story.  In may of 2002, after dating for a couple of years (with one small break because Jason didn't know what he was doing... ha!), Jason invited me on a trip to Washington (like the state... not the city).  We had a wonderful trip, drinking coffee, riding ferries, seeing flowers and such.  We took a day trip to Oregon where we went hiking.  I had wondered throughout the trip if this was going to be when he proposed.  We had, like any other serious couple, talked about marriage and I knew that was coming, so I kept thinking this was it!!  On our hike, we saw a boat-load of waterfalls.  They were just lined right up one after another in the Columbia River Gorge.  It was beautiful, but  I wasn't really enjoying it, because I was trying to make everything perfect in my head for the big moment.
Well, we got to a waterfall called "Bridal Veils."  This is it!!!  I just knew it!  I straightened out my hair... I sucked in my tummy and pushed my shoulders back.  Surely there was a camera or something somewhere, right??  We stood there for a few minutes, admiring God's handiwork (Jason, not me, I was reading my left hand to be weighed down by a new rock).  And then Jason said, "alright, you ready to go?"  I was SO mad.  I mean, really?  It's not going to happen.  He's not proposing on this trip... this would have been the place.  I'm done.
So, if you know me at all, once I'm mad it's all over.  There's not much reasoning with me... I'm totally irrational.  And this is exactly what I was feeling then.  We came to the next waterfall.  It was called  
Multnomah Falls and it's the tallest waterfall in the United States.  Well, Jason decided we were hiking to the top.  Can I just mention it was cold and rainy and I was ill as a hornet because I hadn't gotten my way?  I didn't want to climb with my arthritic self to the top of this mountain.  At all.  Well, he insisted. I acted like a complete brat all the way up.  I didn't want to go and you can't make me enjoy it.  Well, after what seemed like 124 miles of hiking and a lot of twists and turns where some fellow hikers said they gave up and started back down, we finally arrived at the top.  I was still fuming.  And tired.  And my joints ached.  And I was still not engaged.... which was the worst part.  I stood there, looking at the view that I couldn't even admit was the most gorgeous view I had ever seen.... because I was still being a brat.  And Jason, standing behind me, says, "This is the farthest we've ever been together."  I, angrily say, "uh huh."  Jason, ever the patient one, said, "You know what I want to know now?"  Me, still bratty, "How the heck we're going to get down from here!?"  I turn around, just about ready to slug him... and he's holding a tiny box with a beautiful ring in it.  "How far will you go with me now?"  
I was in a puddle.  Put that ring on my finger before you drop it through the slats in a rickety deck on the tallest waterfall in the country!  We hugged and a couple, Jason, do you remember their names?  I know her name was Susie and I want to say his was Bob, came on the scene and took pictures of us.  They also annoyingly followed us around the rest of the day.... but that's another story.  It's funny, the hike down the waterfall didn't seem nearly as bad as the hike up.  So, that was May 6, 2002 and it was truly beautiful!  I hope one day we can take our children there and stand on the little deck and talk about how far we've gone as a couple... he's my favorite person in the whole world, and I have no doubt that God hand picked him for me.  I'm glad I said yes!!!!!
Our 10th anniversary will be in January and I asked Jason if we could make the trip back to Washington, so we may be standing at the very top of this beauty in several months.  Brrr....

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Keepin' it real

I know how blogs work.  I tell everyone the great side of what I'm doing.  I leave out the coffee grounds I spilled on the floor this morning and the four letter word that may or may not have followed.  I leave out the fact that on some days the house looks like toys r us threw up in it.  I leave out the finger prints that are always on the glass or the fact that there's almost always something in every toilet of my house that nobody seems to think is worth flushing.  I leave out that I'm wearing the same t-shirt I wore yesterday... and last night to sleep in.  And, yes, I did even leave the house in it again today.  Shameful.  I lose my patience.  A lot.  I yell far more than I want to.  I need a good hour of time by myself everyday and when I don't get it, I act like a total moron.
I get so tired of questions.  So. Tired.  My children seem to think they know all the rules of the road.  And sometimes I just don't want to explain to a 4 year old why I can turn even though the light's red.  Why do you care!?  Just sit in your booster seat and sing or something.  This morning we heard on the radio that a tree was down on some random cross streets that I'd never heard of.  Lucy has asked me no less than 5,482 times today where that tree is.  Are we going to see it?  Is it down that street?  Is it still there?  I DON'T KNOW WHERE THAT TREE IS!!!!!   I said it nicely, too.  The first 14 times and the last 12 times it was not very nice.  Not. At. All.
We went to Target today and not only did I have to explain that, yes, I said we were going to the grocery store and yes, I realize this is Target, but they also have groceries, so it counts.  Yes it does.  Yes it does.  Shut up shut up shut up!!!  In Target I must have told Lucy 50 times to stay by me so I don't run over her feet.  I don't know how that child manages to walk UNDER the basket, but I promise she does.  I ran over her 4 times today.  4 TIMES!!!!  Learn your lesson, little one!  When you put your feet under the basket, it hurts your feet!!!!  grrrrrr......
Lucy has started really pestering Julianne.  It's not all Lucy's fault, of course.  Julianne has a super-hot temper.  It's that red hair, I tell you.  But she goes from 0-60 fast.  Lucy knows that.  Sometimes it's just too tempting to her to make Juli mad.  And it's super annoying to me.  I hate to hear screaming.  And that's exactly what Julianne does.  She screams.  Loudly.  Usually it's just because Lucy has said something to push her buttons.  On purpose.  Why???  I just said to my children, "Go upstairs.  I don't want to hear your voice right now."  parenting fail.  I can't help it.  I need a time out.
I hope I can get it together here soon.  I have to.  This attitude isn't an option.
Please don't judge.  I am so very thankful for my children.  I really am.  But just like spending a lot of time with anyone.  They start to get on my nerves after a little while.
There.  Today the blog's ugly.  You got the real deal.  No sugar-coating.  No acting like everything is rosy.  Sometimes my life is downright nasty.  Sometimes I'm a major fail as a mom.  And I'm sorry for not being real all the time.  Oh.... and I hired someone to clean my house again.  Because a couple of weeks ago Jason "suggested" that the shower needed to be cleaned.  Yep... you're right.  It does.  I should have done that like 2 weeks ago.  That's gross.  I'll get right on it.  Anything else you want to know the truth about while I'm here in confessional?  Anyone?  :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The transition to the big girl bed

This past week, we've been potty training Julianne.  She's been doing pretty well for awhile, but last week, we decided to get rid of the pull-ups.  She's doing great during the day and wearing a pull-up to bed.  How can we work on night training her if she can't get out of her bed to go potty?  With my older girls, we night trained them at the same time as they potty trained.  We set up a little potty right next to their bed since sometimes they were intimidated by having to get up and leave the room.  So, if the potty is right there by the bed, they were more comfortable getting up and using the potty.  She's doing great!!  We have had very few accidents this week.  I'm pretty much doing the reminding... constantly.... so I'm ready for her to start letting me know when she needs to go.  I'm tired of being trained! :)
On to the transition to the big girl bed...  with Adelaide and Lucy we moved them straight from their crib to a twin bed.  And they were both much younger than Julianne is when we moved them.  But it was because there was another baby that needed the crib.  With Julianne, we've just left her in the crib longer because, well, why not??   We had a plan for Julianne to move into the room with Lucy.
Wait... this requires some background information.  Awhile back, we moved Adelaide and Lucy into the room together (Lucy was  about 2.5) and they shared a room with two twin beds.  This worked out okay... except Lucy wakes up at  before the crack of dawn.  Really... this morning I heard her around 5:20.  And she's really up.  Like clothes on, bed made up.  She knows that she's not allowed to come out of her room until 7:00.  And she follows that rule.  Normally.  But she's still awake... with all the lights on in her room.  So, we moved Adelaide into the guest room when she started school this past year so that she can sleep a little better without her wake up call from her sister.
Therefore, Lucy had a room to herself.  The plan was for Julianne to move in with her, but for all the same reasons listed above, Lucy will likely always have a room to herself. ha!!
Jason has always been opposed to a toddler bed.  What's the point if they aren't going to be in it for very long??  Just move her into the big bed.  Well, I put up a mayday post on facebook looking for a toddler bed that someone was getting rid of... and what do you know!?  Someone had one that matched Juli's existing furniture.  Voila!   The crib mattress fits the toddler bed, so her sheets are still a perfect fit, but her bumper and dust ruffle don't work anymore.   Mama wanted to make Julianne a new blanket that matched her room.  I had bought some extra fabric that matched her bedding awhile back to make a shower curtain for her bathroom..... so I pulled it out and found some cute coordinating fabric for the back of the blanket on sale at Hancock fabrics.  It was less than $10!!!  So, this morning, I measured it all out and just sewed it up into a square.  I could have used batting, but she's not going to use it as an actual cover-up blanket... she already has a blanket she loves... it's just to make the bed look fabulous.  If you are thinking of making a blanket for your toddler, all you need is fabric (two pieces, either the same fabric or coordinating pieces) measureing 38x52.  Put wrong sides together and stitch along all four sides leaving a 5 inch gap to turn right side out.  Push the corners out and iron well.  Turn the ends under as well as you can and sew the gap closed.
Tadah!  Your blanket's done... and your toddler is thrilled.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Catch up!!!!!

This month has been crazy and I haven't posted many pictures, so here's the past few weeks in photos.

 On May 1, Scentsy Family launched a new company called Velata.  It's chocolate fondue that's melted with a light bulb!  It's delicious.  This is Lucy trying it out for the first time.  She approved.
 We were invited to a super fun birthday party at a Gymnastics place... the girls had a blast.
 Juli on the balance "bean" her favorite.
 Lucy in the pit of foam blocks (her favorite).
 Julianne is potty training... and learning to put on her own underpants... there is a learning curve. :)
 We had field day this morning at Adelaide's school.  The kids had a blast, but mom's really tired.
 The good ol' egg and spoon game... with a wooden egg (good choice).
 Me and my soon to be first grader. *tear*
 We also had the kindergarten end of the year party... this is the luau relay.
 That's major concentration on her craft (she gets that from her daddy... the concentration, not the crafts).
She has perfected her limbo form!

Like I said the last month has been crazy, but so much fun.  Julianne is sleeping in her big girl bed as we speak (I hope).  I didn't take a picture of her tonight because I was afraid to rock the boat.  Maybe after a successful night we'll try for a photo op in the morning.  I'm so ready for summer I can taste it.  Remind me of that in a couple of weeks. :)  I miss my Adelaide though... all day at school is too long.  

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

7 An experimental mutiny against excess

This book is what has my feathers all ruffled.  It's what I said would turn your whole world upside down. It is amazing.  I had a friend (or a sister of a friend, as it were) that blogged some about her experience with this book and I faithfully read about it, but that was about as far as I took it.  Hmm... that's interesting... for her.  But not me.  typical.  And then another friend was reading it at a Girl Scout meeting last week and I realized it was the same book.  Okay... maybe I should listen.  I downloaded it on my kindle this week and I read half the book in one day.  It's captivating.... and humiliating.  I mean, the book isn't, but the way I felt about my careless, out of sight, out of mind attitude to the poor and wasteful life I've been living is humiliating... to put it lightly.
We give to our church... and other "worthy" charities, we take food to the sick and all that... but are we paying attention to the people we pass on the street that are hungry?  I don't.  They make me sad... but I keep on doing whatever I'm doing.  It's pathetic.
In the book, Jen Hatmaker (find her on facebook, you won't regret it) and her husband have started a church in Austin, TX.  They decide, together, to start a fast on 7 different areas in their lives.  Food (not entirely, but they limit their intake for a month to 7 different foods), media, spending, waste, clothing, stuff... and something else that I can't remember now since I haven't gotten to it in the book.  It's amazing the number of things that have us under their control... that aren't worthy.  It's amazing the things we fill our time with that doesn't matter.  Why!?  What are we here for?  I've been accused before of being crunchy (Lauren, I'm looking at you.. hehe!), but this book says (paraphrase b/c I don't want to go flip through my kindle to find the quote) stop thinking about this as being a tree-hugger and start thinking of it as being a good steward of what the Lord has given us.  It's also this book that has caused me to check out a book at the library called Compost, the natural way to make food for your garden.  I'm in trouble.
But for reals... it will make you think differently about the things that have "a-hold" of you as we say in sweet home Alabama.  Read it... you won't regret it.

I'm linking up at Women Living Well, the authors of the daily Bible study I'm participating in.  I don't have time for a blog post right now, but I thought the above quote was worth reading this morning. Blessings to you all.  Be ready, I'm reading a book that will turn your life upside down (in a good way) and I feel like it's about to turn my life upside down too.  I'll be ready with a big blog post on that soon. :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Meal Planning Monday

I'm linking up for Meal Planning Monday.  Here's what's going on at our house this week... it's kinda crazy with a lot of random events that we don't usually have going on.
Monday: "chicken stuff" basically poppy seed chicken without the poppy seeds :) and english peas
Tuesday: cubed steak with mac and cheese and green beans
Wednesday: BBQ chicken (the kind where you mix coke and ketchup and then just cook the chicken pieces in it.... um... yum!)
Thursday: who knows... Jason's on call and I have bunko, so the girls will be with a sitter... but I'll have to feed them first... so maybe sandwiches or pizza??
Friday: hoagies (the kids call these fancy sandwiches... silly girls)
Saturday: cheesy italian chicken found here. with garlic bread and broccoli

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Servant's day

This week has been crazy.  So many obligations, so many things on the calendar.  So much stress.  But I made it and I actually enjoyed most of it.  :)
You know, I have people ask all the time, how I do it all... or why.  I think I know why.  I like to serve.  The Lord calls us to be servants.  And I don't think that only means the "big" stuff.  I don't think that only includes the obvious things we should be doing as servants.  I think that means that we literally show our love to others by helping.  By putting ourselves last and others first.  Isn't that what we're supposed to do?  I hope that my life exemplifies servanthood.
As a wife and mother, my husband and children need to come right behind my service and dedication to our Creator.  And a way that I serve Jason and my girls is to work for them.  I do a lot of that without them even noticing.  They don't think about how those clothes got in and out of the washing machine... or how all that food got into the pantry.  They don't think about who dusted that table or why the power is still on (other than that one time I didn't pay the power bill for 3 months because they switched me to paperless bills and then didn't send me an e-bill either.... that's another story for a different day).   And I like it that way... most of the time.  Every now and then I'll decide that I've hadituptohere with being a servant and I'll act like a total fool and then I'll feel like a total fool... which usually includes a lot of crying and being overall ridiculous.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch,.... that's one of the reasons why I sign up to do so much.  You need help making copies, I'll do it.  You need someone to go on a field trip, I'm your girl. You need someone to drop everything they're doing, make a picture of all 20 children in the kindergarten class, print them in an hour, cut them into circles, paste them on a paper christmas tree and hang it in the lunchroom with a hot glue gun that will only plug up 45 feet from my assigned christmas tree.... m'kay.  Seriously, having a child in elementary school is a full time job.  You need someone to come and sit all day and hand out cookie dough.  Let me get a sitter.  Field day, of course.  Oh no, not just my child's class... all of them.  Absolutely.  Kindergarten end of the year party.... by all means.  That's seriously just this week... well all but that Christmas tree fiasco... but I'm still bothered by that one. :)
But you know what... that makes me feel good.  I like to be the mom that's always there.  Adelaide may not appreciate it now, although I think she does to an extent, but she will one day.  My mom was always there.  I rode in the middle of her backseat surrounded by friends (usually double-buckled) on every field trip I ever went on.  She brought popsicles, bought teacher gifts and made every dress I wore for my yearly pictures for 18 years.  Well... almost.... until I held a revolt against the giant collars and smocked pencils... around the 8th grade.  I kid... but it was too late.  :)
Service is the way I show my love and dedication to my husband, my children, and those around me.  I'm usually exhausted and overwhelmed, but I feel genuinely helpful and productive..... and never lazy.  And that's a good feeling.  I think it's still considered service when you are doing those kinds of jobs.  Don't you?
I have written on my planner my life motto for this year...
"Do everything you do to the glory of the One who made you.  For He made you."  I hope that through my service at school and elsewhere I can show someone the love of Christ by being there.  Just being there.   So, if you ever ask me "How do you do it all?"  I don't normally have a good answer, but I think the Lord just gives you the strength to go on when you have the heart of a servant.

"Give me the heart of a servant, tender and faithful and true.  Fill me with love and use me, oh Lord, so that the world may see You."

Monday, May 7, 2012

Introducing.... my better half

See how Adelaide is looking at him??  I lurve it!

A lot of my readers are close friends of our's and family, but recently, I've had some people pop over that I don't know and I want to introduce everyone to my better half.
I wrote about my love story on Friday, so a lot of you already know a little bit about Jason, but I just want to take a minute to tell you how truly awesome I think he is.  And no, I'm not in trouble, nor am I about to ask him for anything monumental.... I just really love him and I want the world to know.
Jason is thoughtful, caring, compassionate, romantic, patient (holy moly, is he patient), selfless, hilarious, quiet, fit, dedicated, hard working, tender, a wonderful listener (maybe the best listener I've ever known).... I could go on forever, but it's naptime and my hair is wet... so I'll stop there.  You get the idea.  Seriously, he's amazing.  I am so very thankful for the strong father and devoted husband that he is. He doesn't do anything for himself.  Nothing... except run.... if you enjoy that kind of thing.  He doesn't play golf or hunt... he doesn't hang out after work with the guys.  He goes to work and then spends his "free time" at home with us.  And he likes it that way.  I think. :)
When he comes in, he picks right up as Daddy.  He doesn't expect to sit in the recliner for an hour (we don't have a recliner, but he wouldn't sit it in if we did).  He comes in and helps with the kids. Or pushes Julianne in the swing.  Or he'll load up their bikes and take them to the park.  He loves his kids.  And they love him right back.  And you know what?  He loves me too.  I can tell.  And that in itself is pretty awesome.
And he makes some mean homemade ice cream!

And he builds the best Repunzel town you've ever laid eyes on!

He works so hard for us.  My mom always told me not to marry a doctor because they're never home.  And that can be true sometimes.  He works a lot... but he leaves it at work.  When he comes home, he's totally devoted to us.  For those of you that don't know, Jason practices Pain Medicine and Anesthesia at UAB hospital.  He's recently taken another board exam (that's 3) for Palliative and Hospice Medicine.  He's a nerd. (just kidding, kinda)  He's so loving and tender, though, that I know he's making a difference for his patients.   He just posted a blog about the death of a good friend of ours and the impact it had on him, not only personally but also in his career.  I hope you'll check it out here.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Scentsational Saturday

My saturday was so scent-sational, I forgot to post my scentsational Saturday post!  Oops!  It's going to be a Scentsational Sunday anyway, so I'll post a day late.  Today I have a helpful Scentsy tip.
For all of you that have a plug-in,  I know you've gone through the predicament of "how do I change this wax without spilling it all over the place?"  Well, here are a couple of ways to do just that!
If the wax is melted, turn the plug-in off and grab a paper towel.  Gently hold the wadded up paper towel in the wax to absorb some.  While holding the paper towel in the wax, pull the plug in out of the wall.  Pour the remainder of the wax in the trash can (or back in the container if it still has scent) and wipe the dish clean.
If you're patient enough to let the wax harden, pop the plug-in out of the wall and pop the wax out with a butter knife.
I hope this helps someone and saves you from cleaning wax off your walls or floor!
Stay tuned next saturday to learn how to get that wax out of your carpet should you need it!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Our love story- "Flashback Friday"

HI!  I'm Tiffany and I just started "really" blogging.  I started this blog a couple of years ago, but I wasn't really very dedicated to writing then.  Since March or so of this year, I've found it a lot of fun to write about what's going on in our lives and sort of keep a record of things for my kiddos.
I was born in Memphis, TN and moved to Central Alabama about 9.5 years ago when Jason and I got married.  He had already moved here for work and after a long distance relationship, we were so thankful to be in the same place again.  We have 3 little girls that are such a blessing, and a lot of work.  My girls and our activities are my main topic on this blog... along with a tip or so throughout.  I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner blog today on trying to find other bloggers in my area.
I was already planning a "Flashback Friday" today to talk about our love story.  If you are easily nauseated, turn away now. :)
Jason and  I met before 2000... I'm not exactly when.  Our families attended the same church, so we knew of each other, but we didn't socialize.  For various reasons. :)
Jason and my brother were actually friends before we were.  They had a mutual friend and ran around together getting into all kinds of trouble (relative trouble for a couple of goody two-shoes).  Jason was in Tim's wedding in June of 2000 and we never dreamed then that we would one day be in another wedding together (our own)... that's 3 weddings we've been in together now!
I guess the way we got together was pretty random.  Jason was in a jet ski accident and broke his pelvis pretty badly.  While he was recovering, my dad loaned him a book (I think it was my grandfather's book).  Jason dropped in one day to return the book and I had just gotten out of the shower.  My hair was in a towel and there wasn't a lick of makeup on my face.  My dad was home (thankfully) but while Jason was there (this older guy that I didn't know well at all), he said he had to leave for the post office.  *Thanks a lot dad*  Jason asked me to go out to lunch with him.  I was thinking, okay, that's fine.... this is a friend of my brother's, he's quite a bit older than me... he's taking me to lunch to be nice.... poor teenaged girl home by herself and hungry.  ha!!
When we got into his car, the music fired up and it was Jimmy Buffet.  I love Jimmy Buffet!! I couldn't believe he was playing something I liked... I thought he'd be listening to the River or something old.  (Memphis peeps will get that!)
We went to a Chinese restaurant (I had never eaten chinese food before).  We just talked and ate and then he took me home.  I don't remember at all what we talked about.  I can't imagine it could have been anything but awkward.  When he took me home, my Papa and Granny were sitting outside (they lived across the street from us).  Granny called me over and told me I was going to marry that boy.  I thought she was nuts.  Seriously.  I was seeing someone else and he was quite a bit older than me and in a totally different stage of life.  Granny somehow had a very keen sense for stuff like that... and she was very often right.
Fast forward several months to November 2000.  Jason's roommate (also named Jason) visited church with Jason... that's confusing.... and my roommate, Casey, thought he was cute (he was).  So... Jason and I were going to try to set them up.  As I said before, I was seeing someone, so I didn't think anything about this setup.  The guy I was seeing also went to church with us and was aware and invited to the things we were doing.  He just didn't come.  And over time, Jason and  I would sit together while the other Jason and Casey would sit together.... because we were trying to get them set up.  Anyway, they ended up not hitting it off... but Jason and I did.  I broke it off with the other guy and started seeing Jason.  He was such a romantic.  He was very thoughtful and loving.  But, like I said, he was in a totally different stage of life.  He was an intern and had just graduated medical school the year I graduated high school.  Would this really work??

It did.  For awhile.  In the summer of 2001, Jason was getting ready to move to Birmingham, AL for residency at UAB.  I was struggling with this, but I didn't have a choice in the matter.  Until he broke up with me.  I was devastated.  It only lasted a couple of months and we were back together again.  Sort of... we were in a relationship again, but still miles apart.  We traveled to see each other every couple of weekends and around his call schedule.  In May 2002, we took a trip to Washington and Oregon where he proposed (I'll write a post on the proposal soon).  And we were married in January 2003. 

I can't imagine life without him and I look back now and I don't fully understand how all of this came to be.  But I'm thankful.  So very thankful.   Stay tuned... I'm going to try to scan some pictures from our wedding.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

A star is born.....

                                 Adelaide takes a moment to smile for the photographer (Daddy).
                                                  Beginning with her speaking part.
                            Adelaide's first solo!!!!  Doesn't she look right at home on that stage?
Thanks, Laura for the video!  Adelaide's solo is the one that goes "Monday through Friday, what a drag, 9-5 it's nag nag nag.  Two weeks vacation, not a day more, how 'bout a raise or I'm out the door."
Adelaide had her kindergarten program tonight and she did awesome!!!  She was so excited about it!!  We have worked a lot on her lines and her solo and all of her hard work really showed.  I'm such a proud mama!  The program was called "The Color Factory" and in summary it's about three colors that feel like they do the same thing all day long.  Until they are mixed with each other and make new colors (secondary) and work together as a team.... then all things are well again.  It was a super-cute production and I give total props to Mrs. Green... she has the patience of Job and I honestly don't know how she does it, but she keeps all the kids focused and on task!
Adelaide has always liked to be the center of attention since she was born and that really helped her in her performance tonight!  She just got up on that stage and you would never know there were hundreds of people in the audience looking at her.  She didn't seem nervous at all.  We were sitting right in front and she got up to the microphone to do her solo and she looked right into my eyes, smiled great big and mouthed "my solo!"  I love her.  I can see many productions and recitals in our future.
I would like to thank my mom for driving the longest distance to see the show, Laura and Adam Lyles for taking time out of their busy lives to come see her sing, Helen Rhinehart, Patti and Maggie Elliott for coming and showing their support.  We are truly blessed with such a great church family and I don't know how people make it without that support!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Introducing.... VELATA!!!

Check it out!  Scentsy family has introduced a new line company that is launching today!!!  This is a never done before venture for Scentsy and I'm so excited to be a part of it!  Scentsy announced at the annual convention last year in Fort Worth, Texas that they were launching not only the Layers by Scentsy  extension with products such as lotion, body butter, shower gel, shower cream, solid perfume and body spray.  They also announced that there would be another brand altogether that would fall under the Scentsy "umbrella."  A direct sales company has never done this before.  But Scentsy will operate multiple brands under the name "Scentsy Family."  The awesome thing is, every brand they start, I have a choice to sign up to sell it... or not!  I love that they are giving all of their consultants the first opportunity to sell their new products, but also giving us the option of selling it or not.
When they announced Velata at convention last year, I admit, I was skeptical.  I wasn't sure how that would fit into my typical sales presentation (although I don't really do a sales presentation).  But after I was learning about the product and hearing how delicious and exquisite the chocolate is, I couldn't resist.  I love chocolate. And one of my favorite things in the world is fondue.  Seriously, we go to the Melting Pot for every major holiday.  I am so excited to share this new experience with you!  The idea is the same as Scentsy as far as the mechanics go.  The warmer is similar in that it only warms with light bulb.  So, you can have family fondue night without worrying about your kids getting burned on a flame.
The dish at the top of the warmer is made of silicone with a metal plate inside.  The chocolate comes in a pouch that you pop into the microwave until melted, then pour into the silicone dish.  The dish keeps it at just the right temperature for dipping (and even has a temperature control on the cord to help increase or decrease depending on the volume of chocolate left).
You can dip all kinds of amazing things... some of the ones I'm excited about are:
strawberries, bananas, pound cake, marshmallows, graham crackers, potato chips (soooo good!), peanut butter crackers (you know, the little mini ones)... you name it, you dip it!  I heard someone say they loved chocolate covered bacon!  To each his own!  ;)
I think this would be such a fun tradition for a family.  Family game night with fondue for dessert!  I have a warmer and some chocolate on hand.  I'd love to share it with you and your friends.   If you want to simply come over for a taste test, let me know and I'll be happy to get it ready for you.  There will be a launch party coming up (I'm thinking the end of May) for everyone to drop in for a taste!
Velata also has a hostess rewards plan just like Scentsy.  If you would like to host a Velata party to get your chocolate for FREE, I can't think of a more fun party than taste testing chocolate!  We could even combine the two (Scentsy and Velata) and have a "Dip your feet and dip your treat" party!  I'll provide the pedicure tubs with Layers shower cream to soak your feet and you can taste the Velata after you're all relaxed!
Please visit my website and see what you think!!!