Thursday, December 16, 2010

A day in the life with 3 little girls...

Someone asked, so here it goes...
I had someone (without children) ask me what a day in the life at our house is like... I responded, "you don't even want to know." It's true, and honestly, it depends on many factors. No two days are alike and there's certainly a level of who knows what's next when I start any day. BUT, on average, I have a plan and an idea of what will go on in a day and this is a little bit of how it goes. I would like to add pictures of these steps eventually, but in that case, it's liable to never happen... so I'll take a baby step and start here.
On a day without mom's day out (usually Tuesday and Thursday), my day starts at 6:00 when my alarm (set to birds, which I hate, but haven't taken the time to change) wakes me up before the littles (hopefully). I grab a cup of coffee and hit the shower. If I don't get ready before everyone is up, it's likely not to happen. Normally, by the time I get out of the shower, I hear little footsteps and voices upstairs. The big girls usually wake up around 6:15 or 6:30, but they aren't allowed to come downstairs until their clock sings at 7:00. I dry my hair and get dressed as quickly as possible and clean my bathroom (yes, normally every day). Once they are downstairs, the breakfast prep begins and everyone has a demand from what they eat to what plate they eat it on. Adelaide often requests oatmeal or cereal and Lucy usually wants a toaster strudel. I don't bargain with them on how much to eat or finishing their meal, but they know, they don't get a snack until 10ish, so if they don't finish their breakfast they will be hungry. Julianne is usually awake by now with the hustle and bustle going on right outside her room. She gets up and, after a diaper change, is seated pleasantly in her high chair with a cup of milk while I fix her breakfast. She usually likes oatmeal, a waffle, yogurt, a banana... something along those lines.
I start a load of laundry and unload the dishwasher while the girls are eating and I'm working on my second cup of coffee.
After breakfast, the girls put their dishes in the sink and head upstairs to do their chorepacks. Adelaide makes her bed, brushes her teeth and hair, and gets dressed and Lucy does the same (with a little help from her big sister or mama).
Then they head back downstairs to play or they play in the playroom.
I normally get Julianne dressed around 9 or so and then we are typically out the door between 9:30 and 10 to do something... zoo, McWane Science Center, library, playground... whatever. I try to get the laundry folded, hung and put away before we leave, but if not, that is done when we get home. Snack is usually around 10 or so and then lunch about 11:30 or 12. We pick up the toys downstairs right before nap everyday. Lucy and Julianne nap around 1 every day and Adelaide takes about 1 nap a week. During nap, I do different things on different days... I know that sounds stupid, but if I don't have a schedule, I forget what to do... so Monday, I wash the sheets on our bed (I actually do this first thing in the morning and then put the sheets on the bed at naptime) and do a deep clean of the master bedroom and dust the main level. Tuesday, I change the girls' sheets and and dust upstairs. Wednesday I clean the floors (by far my least favorite job) and clean out my purse and the diaper bag. Thursday, is my "desk day" and I pay bills and catch up on my paperwork and junk (and update my blog :) and clean all of the bathrooms . Friday I deep clean the kitchen and clean out the car.
There you have it... my week at a glance. Again, there are days that not all of that gets done, but for the most part, that's what a week looks like in my job.
The girls are usually up by 3:00 and we are driving to gymnastics for Lucy or Adelaide and then I'm cooking supper (if I haven't started something in the crock pot). We usually eat dinner around 5:30 and then I clean up the kitchen and we start bath time. Adelaide and Lucy straighten the playroom and pick out their pj's. Julianne usually goes to bed around 7:00 and Adelaide and Lucy around 8:00. Then Jason and I head back downstairs and I try to finish up getting things put away. Sometimes I just don't have the motivation to finish up, but I always feel so much better if I do. I start the dishwasher and put it on a timer so it comes on during the night and then we usually sit on the couch and fall asleep or I head to bed and Jason snoozes on the couch until he wakes up and finds his way to bed.
Whew... who said a stay at home mama doesn't contribute to the family. I'm tired just from typing what we do every day.
Thanks for reading!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What a wild ride this life is.

Everything in our corner of the world is going great at the time being. Adelaide and Lucy are loving mom's day out and their teachers are both fantastic! Julianne and I are enjoying our 3 days a week as a duo, and I can't believe how much easier life is with just one little girl to take care of. However, she is getting more and more challenging the older she gets. Julianne is now walking!!! I can't believe my baby is a year old and walking all over the place!! Where has the time gone? Her walk is precious and hilarious to watch. Adelaide (especially) and Lucy (sort of) both walked a bit like apes when they first started. You've seen it, the walk where they have their arms up over their head and their legs take huge, exaggerated steps. Well, Julianne is quite the opposite. She walks with short, very feminie steps with her arms at her side... but the steps are far too fast for her skill level and they often result in a fall. It's cute nonetheless.
Lucy has made a huge achievement in the last week! She's wearing big girl panties all the time now! Even at night!! Woo hoo, Lucy!! What a big girl you are! I can't believe I only have one in diapers!
We are leaving for Disney World one week from today, and I'm a bit overwhelmed at the idea of packing for this family of 5. We're going to be gone for 12 days, so I guess that equals at least 24 pairs of princess panties... oh boy!
Both Adelaide and Lucy are taking gymnastics and loving it! They are having a blast! Lucy is the youngest in her class and she often doesn't really do what the other kids are doing, but what she's doing, she's doing with all her heart!! Sweet girl!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A day in the life...

Well, mom's day out has started again, and the lazy days of summer are over, wait, they never really existed. Lazy days are long gone around here... these ladies that live in our house are anything but lazy! We seriously had an awesome, fairly uneventful, summer full of park visits, zoo excursions, splash pad days and lots and lots of popsicles. We really had a perfect summer. But now, we are back at school and the girls are loving every minute of it! I haven't quite gotten into the school routine yet. I'm still overwhelmed with packing lunches and making sure they have everything in their school bag on time... you know, all the stuff that gets to be old hat by the end of the year, but seems so daunting the first couple of weeks.
Adelaide and Lucy are both going to school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and Julianne and I are enjoying some one on one time together. She's taking her first kindermusik class on Mondays with Miss Jill, and she loved her first class! I'll try to take pictures next week. Adelaide's class is really functioning more like a
4k class than mdo this year, which I'm thankful for. We are still prayerfully trying to decide what to do regarding school for next year. I'm torn between homeschool and public school, and right now I'm leaning toward public.... that's a really long drawn out story, so we won't go there, but just keep that decision in your prayers!
So, Adelaide is taking gymnastics and Lucy is also taking her first gymnastics class!! So far, they are both very happy with their classes, and I'm once again, being the taxi.
There have been so many times that I've wanted to write a blog post to update everyone on what's going on, but really haven't made the time to sit down and do it... so I'm just going to skip all of that and move right onto bullet points and then move on!

~Julianne is taking her first steps and it's oh. so. precious.
~Adelaide thinks she's grown. Seriously.
~Lucy has anger management issues.
That pretty much sums it up... just kidding... kind of.

Monday, May 17, 2010

"The Homeschool Life"

There are a lot of things to catch up on today, but I'm going to start with the latest (most requested) venture of my incredibly crazy life.
As most of you know, I have started down this exhilarating, overwhelming, rewarding, time consuming, selfless, selfish road called homeschooling. (If you have questions about why I would use those adjectives, we'll cover that on a different post) Well, my friend and fellow homeschooler, Lori (let's just say she's been doing this for quite a while and I've asked her advice numerous times regarding my leap of faith into home education), told me a while back about this curriculum fair where you can go and there's this HUGE room full of vendors and you can talk to the writers of the programs and get their input... there are tons of crafts to look through and books to purchase for ideas to go along with your current curriculum... blah, blah blah... following me? She made this thing out to be, well, awesome! She said she hadn't been in a couple of years, but that she would really like to go with me since she's about to start a preschool program with her little girl. So, I'm super excited (not only about the fair, but about a whole day of adult interaction with a good friend and lots of other mamas that share my belief of keeping their children close to home and teaching them what I want to, when I want to). We make plans and decide to meet early in the morning in order to give ourselves plenty of time to peruse the exhibit hall. We got a little bit later start than expected (which, turns out, was a blessing in disguise) and were on our way for the hour and fifteen minute drive into the Middle of Nowhere, Alabama. It was actually Gallant, AL, but, trust me, the former fits just fine. We drive and talk and drive and talk... discussing what we're gonna eat for lunch when we arrive and everything. We FINALLY get to the exit and realize we don't have many options... either Huddle House or Jacks. We agree to wait until we get home to eat.
So, as we reach the campground (yes, you read that right, this shindig is held at a campground), I just about fly by the guy that has evidently drawn the short straw and has to sit by the side of the road and direct traffic (there is no traffic). I stop just in time for him to ask if we're spending the night (um... no). Well, since we are just going for the day, our punishment is that we have to park 4 miles away. That might be a little bit of an exaggeration, but it was a long way. We are parking in a field... not a lot or gravel or anything... a field.
We get out and walk (for those of you that know Lori, just imagine that we aren't wearing appropriate footwear). Little did we know, our footwear wouldn't be the only thing inappropriate for our destination.
We walk up to the registration desk and sign in (I would like to inform you here, that the place smells like a stable). We are told where the main hall is (you, again, have to walk through a field to get there) and we're on our way. We get to where we think we are going, only to find out that it's one room with two vendors... however, we're spotted by a very sweet, yet certifiably crazy woman that has written a lame series, but she, obviously thinks it's fantastic! She gives us the whole story about her series (since we're pretty much trapped) and we nod and smile and promise to look it over and get back to her. We continue our walk, and by now, have noticed that there are a lot of people looking at us. I'm beginning to wonder if I've chosen the wrong color bra under this shirt or if there's something spilled on me or something. Seriously, people are staring!!! Lori later pointed out that they were just staring because we were wearing makeup and jewelry! Oh, boy. Were we out of place!!! She and I were both dressed modestly, but I had, unfortunately, forgotten all about wearing my hair in a bun and my floral jumper must have been in the wash! Oops!!! Jason pointed out that Lori and I should have a new reality show called "The Homeschool Life" where Lori and I would look a lot like Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton in this crowd. The best analogy of the day was when Lori said she felt like she'd just walked into church wearing a bikini!! Hahaha!!! I felt like the women were looking at us and wondering which one of their husbands called the whores! Anyway, when it was all over, we got a few good things and a lot of big laughs! AND we ate lunch at the Cheesecake Factory... which is much more our speed than Huddle House.
I do want to say that all homeschool mom's are not like this, and it is gaining popularity every year. This group that chooses to camp out for the weekend in this place... well, they are just more dedicated, I guess!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

More homeschool adventures

Well, I'm going to have to do some major searching for my camera charger since these posts aren't nearly as much fun without pictures. But, until then, I will just update what we've been doing lately. I'm really looking forward to the girls being out of school after next week. Right now, our homeschooling is really cut down due to the fact that they are at mom's day out 3 days a week. I may regret saying that I'm ready for them to be out, but I think we will be able to get a lot more done if they are at home during the day.
With that being said, last week, we worked on Katy no-pocket. It was tons of fun and we finished off the week by going to the zoo on Thursday to see the kangaroos. Adelaide really enjoyed the book and so did Lucy. I'm pretty sure we'll return to that one eventually since we liked it so much, and there is so much left to do. We just ran out of time!
This week, we've been working on "Corduroy" It has been a ton of fun. Today we went to the mall and rode the escalator. This is a big treat since we usually have a stroller and have to ride the elevator. The girls loved going up and down (Lucy was a little nervous, but she got over it). We then went up to the top floor in Macy's and they looked at the matresses, just like Corduroy. We counted how many there were and they loved it! We also made a trip into Build a Bear Workshop to look at the different stuffed animals and outfits, but we didn't buy anything (attn: Jason). The girls had a blast and so did I. I have more to post on today (mainly the lady that told me I should be on medication) but I digress. I will save that for another day. I have a ton to get started while the girls nap, so that's it for today. I will try to post again soon with pictures.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I do feel like I should add to my last post about our homeschooling start...
the girls are pictured in all of those pictures in their pajamas. We don't plan on staying in our pajamas all day every day while we are home schooling. Last week, we were studying Goodnight Moon, so the girls stayed in their pajamas (or out of them, if we're talking about Lucy) on Thursday and today was a sick day... they are planning on wearing clothes after their nap today... just fyi! :)

The beginning of a home school adventure!

So, we've started a new adventure in our lives (as if there aren't enough already). We have decided to give home school a try! We are very excited and we have already started! We are doing a preschool program right now and through the summer in order to "get our feet wet." We were afraid if we start in the fall with kindergarten curriculum, Lucy won't know what to do with the time I'm spending with Adelaide and Adelaide won't be ready to just sit and listen. Also, this will give me time to prepare and get myself together before we are doing things that actually count.
Also, since Adelaide's birthday is late, she wouldn't actually start public school until next year, so this will give us a trial year to see if we like it and if we don't, we won't be behind.
So far, we have all loved it! Adelaide is doing great and is always eager to learn something new, and Lucy has adapted well. I always have the same activities for Lucy to do that Adelaide is doing. Sometimes she is interested in these, sometimes she's not... we just go with whatever mood she's in.
We are using a program called Before Five in a Row for Preschool and then in the fall we will use Five in a Row. This program is Biblically based and uses children's literature to teach different subjects. The parent is to read the same book every day for five days and focus every day on subjects based on the book.
We started last week with Goodnight Moon. It was so much fun! We talked about rhyming words and the moon, animals and colors... the list goes on an on. Jason made the comment, "I never knew Goodnight Moon was so educational." The pictures above are from our art lesson. We were supposed to talk about primary and secondary colors that the illustrator uses throughout the book. Instead of just talking about them, we did an experiment to discover what colors are made when different colors are mixed. Adelaide loved this!!! We made lots of colors and she filled out her "recipe card" when she found out what the colors made! How fun!! I loved seeing her learning and understanding something she hadn't known before. She knew a few of the combinations, but this really gave her an opportunity to see for herself what happened when they are mixed.
This week we are reading Jesse Bear, What Will you Wear. We've had painters at the house for the past two days, so we have been a bit limited to what we can do since we were stuck in the master bedroom all day. So, today, we painted using potato stamps to make a pattern like in the book. It was a lot of fun, and Lucy got in on the action.
I am so thankful for this opportunity and we will take it little by little. I want to do what is best for my girls and our family, and I hope this glorifies God. I hope we are able to build great relationships throughout the years and what better way, than spending lots of time with them!?
Today, everyone is home sick (various stages of bronchitis and ear infections), but school still went on. They were eagerly asking for lessons, so, of course, I delivered! They are little sponges, thirsty for more!
I hope you have enjoyed the pictures and we are looking forward to posting some more of our adventures!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Our latest "Lucy Chronicles"

A sweet friend said the other day that she loves to hear about "the Lucy Chronicles" I thought that was hilarious and a perfect title to our post today. So, February has been the longest shortest month ever! Everyone has been sick and Mama's going nuts! It started out with Lucy having bronchitis and a really high fever and then Jason got it (and possibly a touch of pneumonia), I felt terrible for a couple of days and now Julianne has a nasty nose and little cough. Anyway, enough complaining... so Jason was on call this past weekend and I felt awful for him. He was feeling miserable and actually called in sick (he NEVER calls in sick) on friday even though he still had to go in at 3:00 to finish up everything for his call. So, he got a call at 2:00 a.m. Sunday that they needed him there to repair a hip fracture (well, do the anesthesia anyway)at 8:00 a.m. SO, that left ME to get all of the kids ready for church, prepare and teach our bible class (30 months to 3 years... heaven help me) and wrestle the girls through church by myself...
Well, I'm brave (and really ready to get out of the house), so I get everyone packed, dressed, fed and out the door by 8:30. I taught my class (it was AWFUL.... I had to get a parent because the little boy was just about hyperventilating and I felt so badly for him... the others were just straight up out of control)... and by the time I got the kids from their classes, they had already started. Well, I'm telling you at Hoover Church of Christ, these folks like their aisle seats! Just kidding... not really. But most of the aisle seats were taken when I drag in carrying 4 bags and three kids... I seriously looked ridiculous I'm sure. Well, let me go back... I was uber stressed trying to get it all together when we left home, so I told Adelaide (4) and Lucy (2) that they could pack their own backpacks (their bags were a reward for staying in their rooms until 7:00... I'm not above bribery) as long as nothing made noise (last week they packed harmonicas without me noticing). So, when we sat down, they immediately go to unpacking their bags and digging in to the fun stuff they brought... and guess what Lucy packed!!! Her boots! That's all!!! Hehe!!!
So, she didn't have much in terms of activities... and I was feeding Julianne her bottle during the Lord's supper so I've got my hands full when Adelaide and Lucy are sitting with their arms around each other... acting very sweet. Lucy in a normal volume for outside... not the Lord's supper, says, "Adelaide, I love you." Adelaide: I love you, too, Lucy. Lucy: I pooted.
This is when we got up and went to the nursery for the remainder of worship. I tried and I consider it a victory... not a wasted effort!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Julianne's six month check up

So, I took Julianne to the Dr. wednesday for her 6 month check up (I. can. not. believe. she. is. six. months. old.)
She weighed 16 lbs and 1 oz (50%), was 27 inches long (75%) and her head was (50%) and that's brain growth (as Dr. Hamm would say).
She's doing perfect and has been given the all clear for all things baby food! Watch out food processor, here I come!

"Please, please don't pull her wig off!"

So, at church last week, Jason and I were trying our level best to keep all of our girls in one general area after worship and I was holding Julianne. I had walked up to talk to some friends when one sweet, sweet lady asked if she could hold Julianne. I, of course, said yes and handed Julianne to this sweet, sweet lady... (am I stressing how sweet she is???). Well, this sweet, sweet lady was looking so nice all dressed up for church with her Sunday wig on and everything... As all moms know, the very first thing my innocent 6 month old baby goes to touch is your hair... well, with a frantic motion, this sweet, sweet lady shouts, "Oh, no! Don't let her pull on my hair!!! This will come off!!!" Oh, me! I'm thinking, "please don't let my baby pull this sweet, sweet lady's hair off!!! I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do or say if my child pulls someone's hair off!"
Anyway, luckily for this sweet, sweet lady (and my peace of mind) Julianne was not successful in pulling her hair off... I will count that as a good day!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The life and times of living with three littles

So, as you know, we have three precious little girls living at our house and although this is always a blessing, it can get pretty dramatic at times.
For instance, last week, when we were getting ready to leave for school, little miss Adelaide decided she wanted her nails painted. I told her we didn't have time right then and we would have to paint her nails when we got home and she said, "Mommy, I'm not leaving this house until my nails are painted, and that's my deal." Well, I don't like to be told what to do, especially by a four year old, so I shot right back at her, "Adelaide, when you have kids of your own you can make the deals, but until then, I'm making them, and you're getting in the car."
And if that's not enough to knock your proverbial socks off, I have another strong willed child coming up right behind her (if not two). Lucy has now worn her jack o lantern hairbow to school both days this week... oh well. I don't want everyone to think I don't make the kids obey... they are well disciplined (in my opinion)... I'm not saying they don't act up, but when they do, they are firmly disciplined. I pray all the time that I will discipline in love and not anger, but that I will be firm and consistent. I want my kids to obey because they know what is right and wrong. Meanwhile, sorry about the tangent, Lucy has begged to wear her "pumpin" bow, and I didn't argue. If I had told her she couldn't wear it, that would be the end of the discussion, she would have to do what mommy says, but in reality, does it matter? She's going to mother's day out, not the little miss perfect pageant (*gross*)... if she wants to wear a terribly hideous bow, so be it... it's not a battle I'm willing to fight. I'm just thankful they are all dressed, fed and ready close to 9:00 three days a week...
So, I went to visit a friend that has a baby that is one month old and I got to cuddle with her (the baby, not the friend... hehe) for a little bit. It's amazing how fast these littles grow, and I already miss those sweet little baby days. All too soon, my Juli will be crawling and life as I know it will never be the same. I'm excited about seeing her personality develop, though, she is such a sweet girl.
Okay, so naptime is coming to an end soon, so I need to wrap this up... my sister in law is in the hospital right now and is probably in labor (not really sure what that means) so we may have another neice in a little while!!! I can't wait to meet baby Molly... until then...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

"I'm gonna tear your head off"

So, Lucy and Adelaide are sharing a room... and the latest piece of conversation I heard over the monitor (a.k.a. my secret spying device) was Adelaide talking to Lucy about waking her up too early. Lucy woke herself up coughing yesterday morning at 6:15 and Adelaide knows they are supposed to stay in their room until 7:00. So, Lucy woke Adelaide up saying, "Adelaide... you wake" Adelaide finally said, "Lucy, if you don't get back in your bed and be quiet, I'm gonna tear your head off... do you want me to tear your head off?" Lucy: "No." Adelaide: "Then get back in your bed and be quiet."
Uh... what's up with the violence?
Anyway, Jason and I get a good laugh out of it and nobody was harmed... so there....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My crazy kids

So, I wanted to share a couple of quotes with you from my girls from the last few days.. by the way, my kids are hilarious! I know everyone thinks their kids are funny and cute and all that junk... but mine are really funny! Okay, maybe I'm biased, but I don't think so!
So, Lucy was acting majorly goofy the other day and just being an all out attention hog. This is a bit out of character for Lucy sometimes, but when she turns it on, you better watch out! So, I was hugging on her and I said, "Lucy, who taught you to be soooo silly??" And she looked me right in the eye and said, "Jesus".
Now, who can argue with that!?

Then, last night I had given Adelaide and Lucy a shower and we have these little monster things that squirt water. Well, there are three of them which poses a problem since that gives one girly one monster while someone has two. Why don't you just take one away, mom, you might ask... well, because that would make too much sense. So, Lucy has two (imagine that) and Adelaide says (in her teenager voice *scary*), "Lucy, you better give me that monster by the time I count to ONE!!!" haha!!! Maybe you could give her at least to three if you expect her to comply!
Oh well, it made for a good laugh.
We started kindermusik today and the girls had a blast... that was at least the word Adelaide used to describe it. Julianne sat in the stroller and took everything in while being her perfect baby self! Adelaide was directly under the teacher's feet (as usual) and Lucy was wrapped around my leg (also her usual position). Lucy finally worked up enough confidence to participate in the goodbye song... oh well, maybe next time.

Gotta run... laundry, counters, floors... you know, the normal junk is calling my name!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

The playroom smells like elephants...

So, we have employed a new routine at the McKeown household. Adelaide has begun working with a responsibility chart in order to get her accustomed to helping out at home. It's pretty much done nothing other than keep her in her room until 7:00 (but that's enough for me). There are things on her chart such as, clean up toys, share, get dressed, brush teeth... you know, stuff she should be doing anyway. However, it really is helping me. So, I've been laying out her clothes at night in the playroom (directly across the hall from her room) and putting her outfit in her little pottery barn chair and Lucy's in her her chair... and after breakfast, I send them upstairs to make their bed (pretty much just Adelaide, but I'm hoping Lucy will pay attention and start someday) and get dressed (again, just Adelaide, but I come up and help Lucy). This had really helped me because they go up for a few minutes and I'm able to clean up the kitchen from breakfast and get their lunches ready on school days. Well, this morning, I had not yet gotten a shower (long story, hubs was snoring like you wouldn't believe, Lucy coughed her head off, I slept terribly and was just in no mood to get up and shower before the kids got up. I normally exercise on mondays, but didn't this morning)so I sent the kids upstairs and I hit the shower. Well, Adelaide got dressed and Lucy got naked upstairs, and they both came down. So, I went upstairs to gather Lucy's clothes and get her ready... and guess what I found all over the playroom... poop!
Lucy had taken off her poopy diaper and left the contents all over the playroom. Thankfully, it was just scattered and not played with. It looks like she had carried the diaper and it all just fell out. But still... *gross*
So, I got to clean the carpet at 8:00 this morning!! woo hoo
However, while the playroom smells like elephants, the rest of the house is clean!!! My housekeeper has officially started cleaning every week now instead of every other week!!! yay!!
Moving on, I'm making chicken and dumplings tonight, so I'm going to finish up the laundry and get started...