Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My baby is turning 4!!!

So, it's that time of year again. I absolutely love fall (which is new for me as summer was formerly my favorite season) but 2/3 of my children were born in October, so that's my new favorite time of year. It's filled with so many precious memories and just oozes blessings at our house!
So, Adelaide's birthday is tomorrow (that is the reason I'm frantically sitting in front of my embroidery machine finishing up her birthday outfit) and she's so excited! This is really the first year that she's totally stoked about her birthday and has been able to request with great expectations what she wants for her birthday!
It's so much fun!!! It cracks me up what kids this age ask for. It's all about quantity rather than quality to a kid... she doesn't care if what she gets is a total piece of junk, it's new and it's hers and she loves it!!!
Anyway, we had her birthday party Saturday and it was a hit! We went to Storyville Station for a Princess and Knight party. All of the kids got dressed up and danced around. I believe everyone enjoyed themselves. I took Adelaide before her party for a little bit of "Adelaide and Mommy time" and we ate lunch at her favorite place (Habaneros) and then went to Sweet and Sassy to have her hair done in a party updo. I know, I know, trashy, but she loved it!!!

So they played all kinds of games, danced and (Lucy's favorite part) ate cupcakes. The cupcakes might have been the only things I was dissappointed in. I figured, you know, princess party, the cupcakes would be pink. Nope... fall colors! Anyway, if that's the biggest thing that was unfavorable, then I think we did okay!
Here are a few pictures from the excitement!

Adelaide and Lucy both go for their 4 and 2 year old checkups the first week of November, so I'll post their statistics after their appointment.
Lucy, as I mentioned before was only into the birthday party because of the cupcakes... and boy did she tear into them! She's in a "stranger danger" sort of mindset these days and took one glace at those "princesses" and decided this was NOT for her! She pretty much clung to either Mommy or Daddy the whole time. That is, until the cupcakes came out. Then she was having the time of her life! Lucy is currently into Elmo and we're going to see Elmo Live on Saturday! I think she will have a blast, but we aren't telling her until Saturday! It's going to be a surprise!!! She loves puppies from afar and then changes her mind when she gets close enough to pet them. She's overall just a sweet sweet girl with some anger management issues. We often warn people of her "underbite" because when you see her make that face, you better brace yourself. She's going to hit, slap, scratch or push... so, consider yourself warned!
Julianne made it throught the whole thing with flying colors... and that wasn't the only thing flying! We recently switched from breastfeeding to bottle (due to some issues with her weight gain and basically being diagnosed as "failure to thrive"... so we have been trying out new bottles and the one we used saturday... we'll just say didn't agree with her. She seemed to puke the whole time we were there... but that has been fixed with a slower flow nipple and she's in business!
We went back to see Dr Hamm today and she had gained 12.5 ounces in one week! Whoa! She's doing great! She's more focused than before and looking around, smiling and cooing!

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