Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back to school time! Schedules and goals

Well, it's almost that time of year again!  Back to school time!  I love this time of year!  Not just because it means I get a little bit of a break while my kids are in school (although, I admit, I'm a little excited about that.... it's been a busy summer!) but I've always thought that the hype of buying school supplies and a new backpack and lunchbox is so much fun!  And my girls get SO excited about meeting their teachers and their new friends!!!  It's just very exciting!
Plus, it means fall is soon to come, which is my favorite season!  Fall means pumpkin (do you guys know how much I love pumpkin everything?), football (I loved football season before I lived in a football state, so now it's even more fun!), cool evenings but warm enough days to play outside, leggings (I hope this leggings trend never gets old... it's like wearing sweats all the time), soup, chili nights, family time and beautiful leaves.  I can't wait.  Okay, that's enough wishing my life away.
But for reals, it is so much fun to live through Adelaide's excitement!  Lucy and Julianne are excited, too, but Adelaide meets her teacher on Friday and starts first grade on Monday, so right now is her time!  She seriously checked the mail 100 times the last several days waiting on her teacher letter!  She was so disappointed when it didn't come as expected!  When she read her letter, her eyes just beamed!   She has Mrs. Collins.  She doesn't know anything about Mrs. Collins, but she is thrilled to just know her name!  It's fun to get on facebook and find out who all is in her class! Remember when we were kids and we had to wait and look around or call everyone to find out who's in our class!?  Well, thank goodness for facebook!  I knew within minutes that Adelaide had several friends in her class!!!
I know this is going to be a great year! I can't believe Adelaide is a first grader!  This is almost more shocking than Kindergarten!  Kindergarten still sounds sort of little... but FIRST grade!?  When did that happen!?
So, this week, our last week of summer with all the kiddies home, we are making the best of it!  Monday was super busy for me, but Jason took the girls to eat at Tip Top Grill and to run and play in the park.  Tuesday we went to the zoo with Hope, Braden and Brooks.  They drove all the way from Florence to play with us.  We had a great day!!!
Today we are hitting McWane with Amilia and Bella, Adelaide's friends from 4K, tomorrow we have a playdate with Ayla, Adelaide's most favorite friend from Kindergarten (she's also in Adelaide's first grade class, and I couldn't be more excited because her mama and I also became good friends over the last year.  Friday, we meet Adelaide's teacher!!  I mean, really, what a fun week!
I am so thankful for a summer with my kiddos, but we really operate better on a schedule.  Here is my hope, plan and dream for this school year.  I love to be organized.  Sometimes my yearning to be organized doesn't actually last into staying organized.  A lot of being organized, at least for me, is finding a system that works for us.  So, sometimes I spend what seems like forever creating a system and then I figure out that it doesn't really work well for us.  That is disappointing, but I'm doing better at realizing that we just have to move on to something else if that doesn't work.
So, what I'm PLANNING for the school year is to prepare a lot in the afternoon.  I don't do nights. I'm an early bird. But I don't really get moving all that fast in the mornings anymore.  Here's my reasoning.... hear me out.  Julianne's room is right next to our bedroom.  I love it this way because when she was tiny, we didn't have to worry about stairs when she got up during the  night.  It's still fine, but I don't really love how light of a sleeper she is.  She wakes up at the beep of the coffee pot or the wood creaking when we walk.  And now that she's in a regular bed, she is up as soon as she hears us stirring.  You would think the third child would sleep through everything.  You know we haven't been quiet for her... but she is a light sleeper... sometimes I don't think that's something you can "unlearn."  All that to say, since she wakes up so easily, it makes the early morning prep less helpful.  It doesn't do me a lot of good to wake up 2 hours before everyone else to pack lunches and get ready when she's up as soon as my feet hit the floor.  So, my plan for this year is to get my lunch prep, backpack prep and clothes picked out in the afternoon.  I'm going to try this for awhile.  I think making lunches during the dinner prep is probably the best time for me.  I'll already be bustling around in the kitchen, but it's before I'm exhausted.  When I get the kiddos to bed, I'm done.  I mean, like hit the couch as soon as I get downstairs, done.  So, I think afternoon will work better for us.
My goal is to have backpacks loaded and clothes picked out the day before.  We started this last year, but by the end of the year, we were scrambling in the morning to find clothes and library books... I want to do better this year.  I don't want to rush every morning.  I want us to have a calm breakfast and a happy start to the day.  I'm still planning to get up early.  I don't like waking up with my children.  I like a few minutes with my coffee cup and my Bible before I see anyone and get bombarded with "I need a drink, what's for breakfast, Disney junior."
There, I wrote it down, so now I have to do it, right?  Afternoon prep... remind me to tell you how it's going.

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Andrea S. said...

Just reading this makes ME excited! :) I'm so ready for school to start too. And SO glad Ayla & Adelaide will be in class together again this year. Looking forward to another great year at Gwin!