Friday, October 5, 2012

Brain dump Friday.

It's time to nurture my terribly neglected blog for a much overdue brain dump.
1. Life has been NUTS!!  Whoever said that life would be easier after the kids were in school were crazy.
2. I've been super-dee-duper busy with Scentsy stuff and I LOVE it!!  Can I go ahead and shout that I'm so on track to earning an incentive trip this year!  I need a couple more people on my team, though, so I'm gonna need some of my readers to jump on that, okay?
3. I hate touching wet wash cloths.  I do realize that is totally random, but have we met?  That's how I roll.
4. Everyone I know is pregnant.  Everyone.  I kinda of love it.
5. I have had a Scentsy table set up at Kidsmarket this past week (and next week) and it has been going really well.  However, I'm really glad that I wasn't working today.  I dropped in to take some stuff to a new friend I met there and my team-mate was getting some stuff all set up.  I looked over and there was a vendor set up with some exotic creatures.  She had a flying squirrel on a "leash" (read: string that she wasn't even hanging on to) and the crazy thing was crawling all over her (including up her shirt), in her hair and jumping off of her onto the surrounding tables.  Again, have we met?  I hate creatures.  No thank you.  If that thing got loose, I would officially create a new exit.  Talk about the definition of chaos... what would happen if that thing was "flying" around in all those clothes.  I shiver just thinking about it.
6. Adelaide is going to compete in an Irish dance competition in Atlanta in a month.  I'm excited and she's a little nervous.  I think she will LOVE it!
7.  I'm having to talk Lucy into buying a new costume for Halloween b/c she likes her costume from last year so much.
8.  I've already decided on our family costume for the year and I am so excited I can't even stand it.  Friends of our's have a rockin' party every year and our costume is just the right amount of crazy tacky. :)
9.  I love all shows on TLC that deal with little people, people with a stinking ton of children, girls with two heads and any other kind of craziness that makes my life seem normal.  Jason hates all of those shows which brings me to #10.
10. I am so very thankful for DVR.  It might be my favorite invention since peanut butter and chocolate.
11. I bought ugly Christmas sweaters for my children yesterday for my all time favorite party of the year: the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.  My kids have already won best dressed... no one else need apply.
12. I accidentally prayed for patience today and God laughed hard.  So my day has pretty much stunk.

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