Thursday, September 25, 2008


So, as some of you know, my sweet, precious, independent Adelaide has been possessed by some other strange alter-ego! She is now scared of everything (as mentioned in the Disney World post) including Mom's day out and Bible class. Now, this child has gone to Bible class since she was just weeks old... and never a tear... until now! And you would think we were sticking her with a hot poker! She wails from the time we drop her off until we pick her up. She has now had 2 days at Mom's day out that she has stopped crying fairly soon after drop off... so that's been a relief. I've been telling her teacher, however, that she doesn't do that at Bible school... so I'm not sure why she's doing it now... Well, leave it to a child to make a liar out of you! Last night was the first time she cried in Bible school, but it was bad! She was to the point of hyperventilation! Where, oh where, is my independent child!? Anyway, I don't know what to do about her and her fits... any advice???
And she starts gymnastics today, so I'll be posting a picture and letting you know if that comes with any fits.

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