Thursday, January 28, 2010

"I'm gonna tear your head off"

So, Lucy and Adelaide are sharing a room... and the latest piece of conversation I heard over the monitor (a.k.a. my secret spying device) was Adelaide talking to Lucy about waking her up too early. Lucy woke herself up coughing yesterday morning at 6:15 and Adelaide knows they are supposed to stay in their room until 7:00. So, Lucy woke Adelaide up saying, "Adelaide... you wake" Adelaide finally said, "Lucy, if you don't get back in your bed and be quiet, I'm gonna tear your head off... do you want me to tear your head off?" Lucy: "No." Adelaide: "Then get back in your bed and be quiet."
Uh... what's up with the violence?
Anyway, Jason and I get a good laugh out of it and nobody was harmed... so there....

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