Sunday, February 14, 2010

"Please, please don't pull her wig off!"

So, at church last week, Jason and I were trying our level best to keep all of our girls in one general area after worship and I was holding Julianne. I had walked up to talk to some friends when one sweet, sweet lady asked if she could hold Julianne. I, of course, said yes and handed Julianne to this sweet, sweet lady... (am I stressing how sweet she is???). Well, this sweet, sweet lady was looking so nice all dressed up for church with her Sunday wig on and everything... As all moms know, the very first thing my innocent 6 month old baby goes to touch is your hair... well, with a frantic motion, this sweet, sweet lady shouts, "Oh, no! Don't let her pull on my hair!!! This will come off!!!" Oh, me! I'm thinking, "please don't let my baby pull this sweet, sweet lady's hair off!!! I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do or say if my child pulls someone's hair off!"
Anyway, luckily for this sweet, sweet lady (and my peace of mind) Julianne was not successful in pulling her hair off... I will count that as a good day!

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