Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The life and times of living with three littles

So, as you know, we have three precious little girls living at our house and although this is always a blessing, it can get pretty dramatic at times.
For instance, last week, when we were getting ready to leave for school, little miss Adelaide decided she wanted her nails painted. I told her we didn't have time right then and we would have to paint her nails when we got home and she said, "Mommy, I'm not leaving this house until my nails are painted, and that's my deal." Well, I don't like to be told what to do, especially by a four year old, so I shot right back at her, "Adelaide, when you have kids of your own you can make the deals, but until then, I'm making them, and you're getting in the car."
And if that's not enough to knock your proverbial socks off, I have another strong willed child coming up right behind her (if not two). Lucy has now worn her jack o lantern hairbow to school both days this week... oh well. I don't want everyone to think I don't make the kids obey... they are well disciplined (in my opinion)... I'm not saying they don't act up, but when they do, they are firmly disciplined. I pray all the time that I will discipline in love and not anger, but that I will be firm and consistent. I want my kids to obey because they know what is right and wrong. Meanwhile, sorry about the tangent, Lucy has begged to wear her "pumpin" bow, and I didn't argue. If I had told her she couldn't wear it, that would be the end of the discussion, she would have to do what mommy says, but in reality, does it matter? She's going to mother's day out, not the little miss perfect pageant (*gross*)... if she wants to wear a terribly hideous bow, so be it... it's not a battle I'm willing to fight. I'm just thankful they are all dressed, fed and ready close to 9:00 three days a week...
So, I went to visit a friend that has a baby that is one month old and I got to cuddle with her (the baby, not the friend... hehe) for a little bit. It's amazing how fast these littles grow, and I already miss those sweet little baby days. All too soon, my Juli will be crawling and life as I know it will never be the same. I'm excited about seeing her personality develop, though, she is such a sweet girl.
Okay, so naptime is coming to an end soon, so I need to wrap this up... my sister in law is in the hospital right now and is probably in labor (not really sure what that means) so we may have another neice in a little while!!! I can't wait to meet baby Molly... until then...

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