Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Day in the Life of a Mom of Four

I was asked by a friend and mentor to record what a "typical" day in my life looks like.  I first laughed, and then realized she was serious.  "You don't want to know."  That's what I was thinking.  But I acted like a respectable person that has it all together and said I would be happy to.
So, I started looking at my calendar to see which day would be "typical." And then I realized that typical doesn't exist at the McKeown house.  So, here's a day.  It's not typical.  It's just a day.  A crazy day, which IS typical.
So, I hope you've read "If you give a moose a muffin", or "a pig a pancake", or whatever.... because that's what this blog post will souund like.  In fact, I've written about that before.  I think the beginning of my next Day in the Life post will begin with "5:30, take Adderall."  But for now, it doesn't.... so hang on for the ride.
My day started at 2:15.  In the morning.  Okay, I didn't really start my day then, but that's the first time after midnight the night before, that I had something to do.  Maebry wakes up, crying.  I change her diaper and fix a bottle.

 She sleeps through most of it and only takes a couple of ounces.  I tuck her back in bed at 2:40 and flop back in my bed.  Which is now cold.  I flop around and get warm again.  Then she cries.  Again.  I get up and feed her the rest of the bottle (because I left it on the couch.... where I was sitting... because they magically get to the sink somehow in the morning *read-Jason picks up after me*.   I tuck her in, again, and climb back in bed.  It's now around 3:30.
5:27- footsteps.... in the room above me.  Running footsteps.  The kids are awake.  WHY!?
5:30- Bible study and prayer time for me (the only time that's quiet in my day.... at least it's USUALLY quiet.... today it sounds like I'm reading my Bible at a Rodeo.

5:50- kiss hubby goodbye and hang on his leg, begging him not to leave me with these crazy kids all day
6:00- Start laundry.... before you get all "you're supermom" and junk, this is a load of laundry that's been sitting, wet, in my washing machine since yesterday.  It now stinks and I have to wash it again.  On hot.  With vinegar.
6:05-Wake Maebry, change her diaper and feed her a bottle (I HATE waking a sleeping baby, but it's the only way she'll get fed before 8:00, realistically).
6:15- Big kids descend.  And fix breakfast for themselves (which means they opened about 10 packages of pop tarts and actually ate about 1.5, leaving the rest of them in crumbles around the house).  I do usually prepare some sort of breakfast for them, but the timing of Maebry's bottle this morning didn't allow.
While they eat and I feed Maebry, we practice our memory verse for the week.  This week's verse is Colossians 3:12.  "Clothe yourselves in compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience."
6:30-7:10- I remind the children 3,256 times  to brush their teeth, put on their clothes, make their beds, find put on their shoes, etc.  We do hair (this takes forever with all girls).  I prepare snacks and pack them.  This is where I would normally pack their lunches, but they decided to buy lunch today.  HOORAY!
7:10 Bible time and prayer before school.  I try to incorporate our memory verse into our thoughts for the day.  Today, we talked about kindness.  The thought for the day is that you might regret being rude, obnoxious, snobby, standoffish, etc, but you'll never regret being kind.  Find someone that is left out, kinda strange, new to school, lonely and practice your kindness on them.  (stolen from a blog).
We pray for self control, and that God will show us how to be kind to those around us.
7:20- load up for carpool

I also during this time, clean up massive amounts of spit up from Maebry, her carseat, the floor, the van.... pretty much everywhere between the nursery and the car..... after she pukes, exorcist style, when I buckle her in.  And by clean up, I mean that I throw a towel on the floor and scoot it down the hall while I'm loading Maebry in the car... and I stuff a blanket down next to her to hopefully soak up some of the vomit.  (it doesn't).... because we're going to be late for school if I get her out, change her clothes and clean up her carseat.
This is also the point which I pray to delight in my children.  Not because of the spit up, but because of the shouting (happy shouts, but loud voices nonetheless), knots in shoelaces, backpack won't zip, where are my library books, stuff that only comes up when we are walking out the door.
7:40- This is when I actually DID  clean up the carseat, baby and floor.
7:45- Wash bottles, unload/load dishwasher, clean up breakfast dishes
8:00- Play babies with Julianne and listen to her "read" me a Tinkerbell book.

8:30- Change out laundry  (woohoo!  It made it to the dryer!) and start another load.
Clean counters, and by "clean counters" I actually mean stack everything in this bowl on the island, Jenga style, hoping it doesn't all fall over.

Straighten and pick up the house while Maebry swings and Julianne watches cartoons
9:00 Fix a protein shake.... not only because I don't have time to chew my breakfast, but also because I love chocolate and peanut butter and this is the only way I can make an excuse to eat it for breakfast without actually eating a brownie or something.
9:30- Get Julianne dressed and throw on a different t-shirt and yoga pants than the ones I slept in.
10- Head out the door to shop for a new refrigerator.  It's 2013.  I shouldn't be emptying ice trays.  Just sayin'.  We went to 3 places before finding the exact one we wanted at Lowes, for $1 cheaper, free delivery TOMORROW, and a 4 year warranty, 30% off for Labor Day and 5% off to put it on a Lowes card (which we'll pay off when we receive our first bill... woop woop!).
12:00- Heat up leftovers for lunch for Julianne and me
12:30- Fold laundry.  Change out and start one more load for the day.
1:00- List old refrigerator on Facebook trading sites while Julianne watches Dora
1:30- Diaper change/ bottle/ another diaper change
2:00- Fold/hang laundry
2:20- Leave for afternoon carpool

3:00- Home from carpool, checking folders, doing homework, talking about our days
3:30- Fold/hang laundry
3:45- Jason gets home
4:30- Take Adelaide to Irish Dance class
5:00- Shower
5:30-Babysitter arrives for Jason and I to attend parent night at school
6:00- Bottle
8:00-Pay sitter, put Maebry to bed, several times
8:30- Fooootballllllll
10:00- Bottle/Diaper change and bedtime for mom

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crystalmaness said...

I hope you can laugh at yourself now that the day is done - cause I sure did!! But also know that you are an amazing mommy who handles life with 4 more gracefully than I can sometimes with one!