Friday, September 6, 2013

Organizing School Papers

I was asked this morning how I organize school papers.  And I laughed.  Because I wouldn't even get near calling my system "organized" but it does work for us.  Mostly.
My girls bring home a boat-load of papers from school.  And for the longest time, they just piled up because I didn't know what to do with them.  Well, here's the system.
First, when I unload backpacks, I sort the papers depending on whether they need to go back to school or if they stay home.  The ones that go back need to be dealt with immediately or they WILL be lost in my bowl of shame.
The papers that we are to keep at home go in a paper sorter in my laundry room.  This one came from Home Goods.... like 3 years ago.  It fit all of my children then.  I'll need to upgrade to a system with four sections soon, but for now, Maebry's worksheets and art work are limited. :)

If it's a calendar, reminder, short term sort of thing, I hang it in the command center.  Jason thinks that name is lame.  He's never actually said that out loud, but I know him.  I'm right, aren't I, honey? :)
He still loves me.  
I do keep the calendars when they are no longer relevant because it helps me look back and see what the kids were doing at a certain time. :)  If it's something that I might need for ready reference (class room list, future dates, etc. it goes on the bulletin board in my laundry room.  I also have a file in my MomAgenda binder for things that I need for Room Mom responsibilities, like the email list of parents, special information about the teachers and other things like that.

The final resting place for the kids' papers is in a binder... to keep forever more.  Actually, some of them find their final resting place in my recycling bin.  Because how many math worksheets do we really need to hold on to forever more?
No, really, I sort through their papers and decide what to keep and what to "file" in my trash can.
We make a binder for every year. You can find the cover sheet here. And when I say we make one, I mean I made one once.... like 3 years ago.  But we ARE going to make one for every year.  I'm only one year behind, actually.
The girls LOVE to look back on their work and see their art. :)  This is also helpful, because we can look back on their achievements... like the Big Hand award or the MVP in P.E.

 That's it.  How do you sort YOUR papers!?

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