Monday, September 30, 2013

Making your home a haven

I want my home to be a haven for our family.  A place where my children feel safe and can be themselves.  A place where our minds can rest and our hearts feel joy.  A place where laughter and noise are abundant.  I stress about our home being clean and organized.  I like for Jason to come home to peace and order.  It doesn't always happen.  In fact, that only happens about once a week. But that's my desire.  In reality, our home is made up of a lot of littles.  A lot more people making messes than cleaning them up.  But this is a season.  A season that will pass all too quickly.  For how, toys are strewn.  Clothes are dirty.  A lot of clothes.  Crumbs stick to our feet and everything's sticky.  The pillows are never just right.  The blankets are rarely folded.  The table isn't set for a dinner party, but rather covered with art.  There are closets that should require a hard hat to enter and don't even think about under the beds.  But, our home is full of laughter.  It's full of joy and love and peace.   Not peace and quiet, but peace.  We are happy.  We are healthy.  We are together.  We are thankful.

I'm linking up with Women Living Well this month to take a challenge to make my home a haven.  They are sharing tips every week this month to make our homes more peaceful and welcoming for our families.  I'm always up for a challenge, and I'm excited to see how this one works.

Now, the first week includes buying a new candle and placing it where it can be seen. Every time the flame catches your eye, you're supposed to say a prayer for peace in your home. Everyone that knows me knows that I don't do candles.  At least not candles with wicks.  I like this idea, though, and I'm trying to decide if I'm going to stick with the candle idea or try something else.  Also, the drawing this week is for a year's supply of yankee candles.  How ironic would that be if I won?!?  I believe I'd be using them as an example of what NOT to buy. :)

Anyway, I'm praying for my home this week.  That it will always be full of laughter, peace and joy.  One day, if the Lord wills, when my children are grown, Jason and I will come home to a place that is quiet.  A home that is neat and clean just like we left it.  I pray that we enjoy those days even though they are very hard to wrap my mind around now.  For now, I pray for peace.  A haven for my family.  A place full of mercy to make mistakes.  Grace to see us through.  Love that surpasses any challenge we face elsewhere.  A place where my family reconnects and stands strong against our fears.  A place where we pray and sing and play jokes on each other.  A place where we know, without any doubt, that we are accepted and loved.  Do you want to join me on our challenge this month to make your home a haven??

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