Monday, June 25, 2012

Where've we been?

Summer is in full swing at the McKeown home!  It's been hard squeezing time in for blogging... so I haven't!  ha!  I'm going to try to get caught up with the Cliff's Note version of the last few weeks.
Jason, the girls and I went to the beach for a week and we had a great time.  I won't call it vacation.  It wasn't much of a vacation for mama, but it was a nice distraction and it was fun for all of us to be together and enjoying time with each other without the normal routines.  I say it wasn't a distraction because there's still all of the cooking, laundry, baths, sweeping... and such that goes along with having a family anywhere.
Here are a few of my favorite shots of our week as a family.
 Adelaide, Julianne and Lucy ready to hit the waves (or just the pool)
 It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Lucy Kellyn!
 Look at those long legs!
 "I was supposed to keep the sand off the blanket?  Oops."
 Lucy is busy making a cake.
 I've heard of chasing a wave, but I think this wave is chasing her.
 My favorite people in the world.
 The kids wanted to dig a hole.  So we did.  That's me... the one that's the same color as the sand.  I DID get a little bit of a tan by the end of the week.... or some more freckles, but I'll take it.
 Enjoying an ipad break
 Fun at the pier
 There were hundreds of sting rays.  
 Jason and Juli
Julianne Ruby is looking like she brought her attitude.

After our fun week of just our little family, Jason came back home to work while the girls and I stayed and played for another week.  My parents came and moved in to our condo and my brother and his family came for the week too.  This was pretty much us staying and participating in their vacation.  They already had this week planned, and I decided it would be fun to stay and let our girls play.  My brother has 4 girls ages 8, 6, 6 and 2... so our girls love to spend time together.
It rained the first 3 days... and the waves were crazy (red flag all week), but we had a great time anyway.  I cooked every night except one and we did the most amazing dolphin cruise I've ever seen.  Seriously, if you are going to Gulf Shores, Orange Beach area, you MUST do the Cold Mill Fleet dolphin cruise.  It was awesome.  My girls had so much fun all week except for a horrendous case of swimmer's ear (Adelaide) Saturday that kept Adelaide completely out of the water until Wednesday.
 Stormy waves
 Shy Lucy
 Julianne, Mimi and Adelaide on the dolphin cruise
 Adelaide, Hailey and Lucy
 Pops and Molly
 Lucy and Julianne watching for dolphins
 Sweet sisters
 amazing dolphins

 highlight of the trip
 Tim, Molly and Julianne
 that is a look of pure joy
beautiful inside and out

Our summer is just getting started.  We just finished VBS on Saturday. We have a girl scouts party in about an hour.   We are going to Backwoods Christian Camp tomorrow (just for the day).  Volunteering at a homeless shelter Thursday night, play dates galore next week, gender reveal party for good friends, Jason has a week of vacation for which plans are still being made, my big girls are going to VBS with my parents in Memphis, I'm heading to Las Vegas for a Scentsy convention, and we will celebrate Julianne's third birthday all before school starts back.  Whew... what a fun "break."  I hope you are all doing well, and I hope to update again soon. 

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