Thursday, July 26, 2012

Scentsy Fragrance Convention Day 2

Scentsy Convention Day 2!!      
Last night was full of fun events and special time with Scentsy family.  Scentsy really outdid themselves this year with parties that were outstanding!!!  There were three parties to choose from including and Elvis impersonator, cirque du soleil and an ultra lounge.  We chose to do the Ultra Lounge, which was the scene for a flash mob to “I’m Scentsy and I know it.”  It was so much fun to dance and have fun with friends, new and old. 
This morning, we attended the first session where they announced some awesome new additions!
First of all is the change to the name.  Instead of Scentsy Wickless, we will now be called Scentsy Fragrance instead so that the name will encompass all of the new Layers products as well.
The layers line will now be included in the regular catalog and there will be new combine and save options where you can purchase different products like body wash, lotion and spray instead of multiple lotions like before.  They have also included hand soap and bath tablets!  They've also added 10 new fragrances to the layers line.  The new fragrances include: Awakening, Be Still, Coconut Lemongrass, Linger, Love Story, Luck in Love, Route 66, RU N2 Me, Skinny Dippin, Sunkissed Citrus, White tea and Cactus, Sugar Cookie, French Lavendar, Satin Sheets
The laundry products will also include Sunkissed Citrus and French Lavendar! 
The new charitable warmer is called Champion and will be supporting the Special Olympics.  $8 from every purchase of this warmer will go directly to the Special Olympics.   This cause is especially close to my heart since my sweet nephew, Ben, that was a Special Olympian this year.  Go, Ben Go!!!
Stay tuned for new updates!  This afternoon should be when we find out what Brand X is!!!!!  I.  Can’t. Wait.

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