Saturday, March 5, 2011

Arrival in Cusco

My fellow travellers to South America are people I have known at church but not really. You know there are lots of those you just pass, "Hi" "Doin' fine", maybe shake and head for the nearest person you really KNOW. Well, I don't think I have known Dennis or Nancy Williams or Mike Clelland and spending 8 hours waiting for a connecting flight like we did in Miami yesterday pretty well facilitates getting to know someone. This mission is blessed with these workers who bring a wealth of prior mission experience with them. They are undaunted by the long flights, ridiculous lay-overs and delays or chatty strangers in airports who make me want to get up and move to the next terminal. Neither are the 3 concerned that this mission is altogether different from their previous experiences this being a medical outreach mission. But they are here, eager to work, and ready to tell people about Jesus.

Dennis and Nancy are longtime Hoover church folk. They can tell you who worshiped there and when and probably what pew that person sat on. Dennis is the indefatigable Sunday a.m. auditorium teacher. Nancy is "just a housewife"-- her introduction of herself tonight to the rest of the mission team. I smiled and shook my head at that because anybody that's been married to "just a housewife" knows what a grueling job it is. The woman that can say that expresses it out of her typical selflessness and dedication to her family which always comes first. I admire Dennis and Nancy's tenacity and passion for foreign mission work. The Williams's also enjoy Starbucks which I found cool for a couple their age!

Mike is a veteran of Tanzania and Guyana. He is coming to Peru to do one thing: work. He is ready to be put to use wherever, however the team needs him. He is roadtested and has offered me a lot of pointers on travel in less-developed countries since this is my first time out in a city that lacks an espresso cafe, a pastry shop, and an art museum on every corner. Mike also reminds me of my dad in that he can pick up a conversation with any number of random folks in an airport and talk to them like he's known them all his life.

Tomorrow I'll talk about what we've eaten so far!

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