Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wrapping things up

The campaign is over now. My work and others' here is done (until next time), but I have a feeling the work for the missionaries here is just getting started. Indeed, if all the people who said they would come back to worship with the church show up Sunday, they will be looking soon for a bigger meeting place. Sure we passed out Tylenol and Prilosec until we had to go back to the pharmacy to buy more multiple times. We dispensed glasses to hundreds of people. But what's most important is we spread the Word. We taught them about Jesus and we tried to show the people of Cusco what it is like to live like Him. To be compassionate like Him. But finally, let there be no misunderstanding who was actually working in Cusco this week. Although I definitely feel the effects of the work I have done on my body, it is really God that has done it through us. Because of Him we have the skills and the means to be here and help others. And when He gives us so much he expects us to give it back to Him for His glory. The work here in Cusco this week was His, not ours. May He continue to bless the people here and give the increase.

More on the last day of the campaign and our trip to the mystic Inca city of Machu Picchu later. . .

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