Wednesday, March 9, 2011


So, I don't want to disappoint any of you that have become familiar with my husband's awesome use of words and "catch you off guard" humor, but I had to interupt regularly scheduled programming to make an announcement. It's not the announcement you are expecting when you see the title. I know most people are probably jumping to the conclusion that I'm talking about being overwhelmed with three crazy girls and a household that doesn't stop just because one of us (a MAJOR contributor to our day to day operations... more on that later) is away. Far. Away. But I'm actually handling that part really well. I'm overwhelmed at how much this mission trip has blessed me already. I had in my head when Jason first mentioned this trip to me that it would be beneficial to him. That's what I kept telling myself, anyway. I knew he would be blessed and forever changed because of the work he was able to do in Peru, and I knew our family would be forever changed because of that also. However, I didn't realize how directly we would be changed.
First of all, I appreciate so much the things that Jason does... with no expectation of praise or thanks. For example, yesterday I realized that we hadn't gotten mail since Friday... wait... we had gotten mail, I just hadn't gone out to get it. Jason always brings in the mail when he gets home from work. The mailman doesn't drop it off on my counter. Jason does. Duh... how dumb is that!? I just hadn't thought anything about getting the mail, because he does it.
I have had to ask him a couple of times what day the garbage man comes. Thats' just something he takes care of. And I wasn't thankful for that before, but I sure am now!!!
Bedtime at our house has been one of the main times when I miss him. He's usually the one leading our devotional thoughts and now it's up to me. Again, it's not a problem at all to do this, I've just become accustomed to him doing that.
The other half of my team is missing, and I think we make a pretty good team... if I do say so myself.
However, the most important way that I've been overwhelmed this week has been the outpouring of support from my sisters at church! I mean, seriously. I'm blown away at the calls and cards, the texts and emails, the facebook encouragement. You guys are the best!!! You know who you are. There have been so many people to tell me they're willing to come and keep the kiddos so I can get out by myself, or just take a shower alone. There have been so many people that have lifted me up and told me they're proud of me. I didn't expect that. At. All. I don't know, I guess I thought I would be the unsung hero in this whole deal (which I'm very comfortable with... since that's pretty much motherhood in a nutshell), but I can't believe how much people have given such sweet praise to me. Me!!! Thank you, everyone. I can't even start to tell you how much that means to me. Seriously. I think I'm going to make it. I have to make it. Warning: the girls may not have their hair combed for church, and I daresay they'll be dressed alike, but we'll be there, Lord willing, and we'll be really excited on Sunday, because our team will be complete again!!! Thanks again to everyone that has made this week so much easier for us. A special thanks to my mom and dad. You always drop whatever you have going on to come and help me and just knowing that's the case means the world to me. You spoil my kids rotten and I. Love. It. I also wanting to thank Che' and Jonathan for coming to support Adelaide and Lucy at their spring program. They were crushed that Daddy was missing it, but super excited that "their friends" were coming. Thanks to Lauren and Daniel and Suzanna for also meeting us for ice cream after the show. It means so much to know that I have such an enormous support system here. We are so blessed. I love every one of you. Thank you!!

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