Sunday, March 25, 2012


Well, it's Sunday morning in Buenos Aires! We had a pretty rough night Friday night. Our flight left Atlanta at 7:45 and lasted 10 hours. Somehow I thought the flight was only 6 hours, so I was not mentally prepared for the extra 4. I already don't sleep well on a plane (or anywhere really besides my bed... or the couch) and add to that the enormous amount of sinus pressure and I was pretty much miserable. I finally started to dose off in the middle of the night when our plane started pitching from one side to the other and dropping. I thought I was going to die. Seriously. I grabbed Jason and was freaking out. It woke everyone up. There were sounds of seat belts buckling all over the plane. A flight attendant came on the speaker reminding everyone to buckle up. (Duh!) I don't understand, at all, how airplanes stay in the air. Jason has tried, bless his heart, to explain the physics to me. It just doesn't makes sense. A plane that big, with that many people and all that luggage just shouldn't stay in the air. It just shouldn't. I also don't understand how a gigantic ship stays on top of the water... but that's a story for a different day. I normally don't freak out the whole time we're flying, but I hate take-off and any turbulence. I always think of driving a car. Any wrong move or over-correction and you've lost control. What if that happens on this plane. My three babies are at home and their mommy and daddy are BOTH on this plane. Ugh... it still makes me scared. Jason admitted after we landed and all was well, that he noticed on the screen in the cabin that we were over Columbia... so we would have crashed in the jungle. Lovely. I was trying to come up with ways to get back home without getting in an airplane. Alas, we are here, safely. And we are so thankful for that!
Yesterday was spent just wandering around the city and checking out the layout. We found the popular monuments, the Presidential palace, and a pretty cool little flea market with tango dancers and local artisans.
I felt pretty much terrible all day and had fever last night, so we ate dinner at a pretty nice little restaurant with a ton of mounted horses and a cow, and deer and stuff hanging and standing all over the place.
Yuck. It was tasty, though. We turned in pretty early to the sounds outside our window. We are staying on the widest street in the world (seriously... it's in the book) and apparently that also makes it the loudest street in the world. Not to mention the demonstration (aka protest) that is going on. We asked the people at the desk what the deal was with all the people with the flags and signs and chants... they explained, "It's not a protest. Some people died several years ago and they don't like they way the government treated it... so it's a memorial..." Sounds like a protest to me. So, people were honking and yelling and beating drums outside our hotel. I'm pretty sure I slept through most of it, though. I was exhausted!
Anyway, we are dressed and ready for another day. We have to check in at Jason's conference. We have a banquet/reception tonight, and I think we are attending a Tango show after that. We are having a great time and I'm enjoying some time to recharge with Jason. Our time together is so short these days and I'm loving every minute of hanging out with him. Did I mention he's speaking at the World Congress of Anesthesia! I married someone really smart!!! :)
Did I also mention there are pigeons everywhere!? For those of you that know me well, I hate birds!!! That's what prompted the look in this photo.

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Kelly Key said...

You hate birds??? Okay so that's as bad or worse as me hating frogs, crickets & grasshoppers! :-) So glad yalls flight made it safely that sounded so scary! Do enjoy the quality one on one time you are blessed with right now.