Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cleaning heads, beds and and closets

Well, the head lice have hit the McKeown house... again. It's disgusting, it's embarrassing and it's a pain in the neck, and back and everywhere else you've ever heard of a pain. ;)
This is the second time Adelaide has had them and it pretty much means I will be spending hours on end picking through her hair, strand by strand (she has a lot of hair) and then washing all of our bedding (just in case), vacuuming all of the mattresses and couches, the car... you get the idea. It's a nightmare and a good couple of days of work. I hate it. A lot. So, I'll let you guess what I've been doing today. That's right... spending a lot of time in the laundry room. There has been no shower for me... no makeup... I did brush my teeth. That felt like an accomplishment. And I'm working on a cup of afternoon coffee... just so I can make it until bedtime. Is your head itching yet? I don't think you can get them from reading a blog, but I know it will itch just from talking about it. Yuck.
In other news, since I've spent so much time with my washer and dryer today... and since Scentsy came out with a laundry line that smells delightful (just in time for my massive washing day), I started cleaning out closets and drawers... and such. It's hot here. Like really hot. I love it (except for the fact that cold weather helps keep the head lice away). Anyway, my kiddos have no spring/summer clothes in their closets. At all. So, I'm working on switching out their closets. We have a little system (that I had LOTS of help with) that works really well for us. It's still a pain, but it is less of a pain than it was before. Here's how it goes. Since it's a total disaster in the interim, I'll try to post pictures when I get everything put back where it belongs.
Since we have 3 girls, all super close together (not necessarily our plan, but God knew what He was doing... at least that's what we keep telling ourselves), it was getting sort of silly to pack up all of their clothes in bins every season-change and tromp into the attic only to be up there again as soon as things warmed up to get them out for the next girl to wear... then they all had to be washed and rehung... you know the drill. We are blessed to have an extra closet in our guest room that I cleaned out and repurposed as our very own thrift store. When one of my older girls outgrows something or the seasons change, I grab up her hanging clothes and hang them in the thrift closet. I bought a bunch of those "as seen on tv" cascading hangers and we use those. I also have some cute closet dividers from to keep the sizes separate. The only other categories we have are Memphis attire, Alabama attire and Holiday. I decided to separate those because a lot of our cheerleading uniforms can be worn through 2 sizes... I was afraid I would miss them if they were stuck in their size. And the same with holiday... I didn't want to miss anything just because it was filed in the "wrong" size.
The folded clothes go into a labeled bin and placed at the top of the closet. Other bins also include holiday and coats/sweaters. There is a hanging shoe holder in the back side of the door labeled with sizes. That has really come in handy on Sunday mornings when I realize Julianne's dress shoes are too small (how does a child's foot grow that much in 1 week!?)... I've made a last minute frantic trip up the stairs more than once on a Sunday morning.
Sadly, Lucy and Adelaide are wearing a lot of the same sizes right now. That was NOT part of my plan. The 2 girls had the same due date for crying out loud... they should be able to pass down clothes, right!? Well, it's not happening, folks. At least spring/summer clothes are more forgiving for my long-legged-no-fat-on-her-body-Adelaide. Shorts, capris and skirts are much easier to fit than "long" pants that turn into super-short pants. We will definitely be shopping some for her this year, though. And probably Lucy, too. Julianne should be set!
Speaking of Julianne, since we don't have anyone coming behind her to wear all of her hand-me-downs (yet), I do put them in labeled bins and they get stored in the attic. Same thing with shoes. Once she outgrows something, it goes into long term storage in the squirrel shack (attic). And we hope and pray that "Fifi" our seasonal friend doesn't have any interest in her old digs.
So... that's our system. Today I did clean out Julianne's drawers and brought down hanging clothes. I hope to go through her hanging stuff tomorrow and box up what doesn't fit. Lucy and Adelaide's drawers will hopefully get done tomorrow. We'll see.

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