Monday, March 26, 2012

What's everyone looking at!?

What’s everyone looking at?! I’ve asked Jason that numerous times this week. Evidently, it’s not a big deal to stare here. Lucy would fit right in. J I’ve been confused at why people are staring at us so much. When Jason and I traveled in Austria for 6 weeks the year we were married, we did our best to fit in. We knew where we were going (or we faked it) and we walked fast… like the locals. Jason, sort of, spoke the language, and could at least read the signs. And we don’t look that different from Austrians. Fair skin, fair hair, blue eyes… we look normal. Here, not so much. My spray tan isn’t kidding anyone. People are downright staring at my “yellow” hair. Not men… women, mostly. One old lady in the pizzeria last night just about kissed me. The lady she was with went on and on, and all I could understand was “beautiful.” It’s nice to get so much attention. At home, I just blend in. Here I'm like a celebrity. There are some “blonde” Argentinians, but they are obviously not naturally blonde, so it’s a totally different look. It just doesn’t look right. Kind of like my blonde hair with this silly spray tan. Nobody’s buying that I’m tan anymore than I’m buying that they’re blonde. Ha!!

Jason doesn’t blend in well, either. I was wondering why people were giving us such weird looks… well, with both of us having “yellow” hair and him being 7 feet tall, we draw a lot of attention. It’s very intimidating, actually. I might start standing on a box in the square and letting people take pictures of my amarillo hair and put money in a hat.

Remember me telling you that we are staying on the widest street in the world? The one that held the protest. There will also be a car race on it this week. Awesome. I should have brought ear plugs.

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