Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jason cracks me up!!!

This post probably won't mean as much to anyone that doesn't know Jason, but for those of you that do... I hope you find it as hilarious as I do. Jason is funny. That's all there is to it. He's a lot like Lucy, though, in that he's not all that funny if he doesn't know you. He holds all of his good material for those closest to him... I guess. Sometimes he's funniest when he doesn't mean to be. That's my favorite. Well, those of you that know Jason, you know that he doesn't get in much of a hurry to do anything. Ever. He's just sort of slow. He talks slowly, he walks slowly (it only appears fast because he's got such a long stride... ha!), he thinks slowly, he blogs REALLY slowly. These qualities are great normally since he normally thinks through things a lot before he says them (unlike me) and that gets him in less trouble than if he were to blurt out all of his thoughts (like me). He tells me this isn't the case at work, but I'm not sure that I totally believe him.
Well, Monday, on the first official day of Spring Break, Jason broke his toe. He ran into a door facing. He claims he was going too fast. It turned all kinds of blue and purple. He tried (unsuccessfully) to stay off of it. Well, ever since then he's been running into things like crazy. He has grunted all week because he has hit his toe on something (sometimes it's the other toe, sometimes it's the broken one). As Chuck said in Ladies Bible Class last week, it's a big deal when Jason breaks a toe because his toes are as long as our fingers. :)
Anyway, he said today, after running into another corner with his toe, that he's just in too big of a hurry. He's trying to go to fast through the house and he keeps cutting corners. I just about doubled over laughing. He moves in slow motion through the house. I love to listen to the footsteps in our house and know exactly who they belong to. Jason's are SO SLOW, Julianne's are the fastest (because she's usually running), Adelaide's are heavy (I think she likes to hear her own footsteps just like she likes to hear herself talk)... and Lucy's are almost silent (she's sneaky like that). Anyway, it cracked me up that he keeps running into things because he is "going too fast."
Also, yesterday, I asked him if he would wear a too tight shirt with angel wings on it like the guy working in our yard (jokingly, of course) and his reply was, "that will be hard [to find a too tight shirt] because I'm a little guy." I died. Again. I don't think anyone has ever called Jason a little guy. He isn't little in most people's eyes. :)

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