Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Playground pictures and wacky world

First of all, our backyard renovation is almost finished! They laid the sod and mulch today (woohoo!!) and I think all we have left is... well, I'm sure there's anything left.

I also have to pose a couple of questions... totally unrelated to the playground.
1. Who hires the morons that dance around at the street holding various signs? What's the job description? What are the qualifications? What are the instructions given to the these guys? I saw one fella today holding a sign notifying the traffic that he buys gold. I'm sure he, personally, doesn't buy gold... at least not professionally. But whomever he works for does. And why, pray tell, do they also pay people to dance around like fools with a sign. He's not just holding it... or even wiggling it... he is skipping up and down Highway 31 holding this ridiculous sign. I don't get it. What happens if the bossman drives by and notices he's not dancing enough? Hmmm..... I wonder if there are tryouts... it's just to much to wrap my brain around.
2. Why are the makeup ladies at the mall so.... scary?? I mean, the MAC girls are a little unique in their makeup choices... I get that. It's sort of the brand... I like it. On them. But there were some other makeup ladies set up in the middle walkway of whatever is in the old Parisian today and they were down right frightening. It looked like a facelift gone bad. I love makeup. I've been known to wear too much... I get that. It makes me happy. Trust me, the alternative is ugly. Literally. But, I think if you sell makeup for a living, it should look good. Right???

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