Friday, March 30, 2012

Home again, home again...

We are home!!! I am so very thankful to be back with my girls. Sleeping in my own bed... cleaning up sticky messes... that last part wasn't true.
We got home yesterday morning, and by the time we got our bags and drove home, it was 9:00. We let all of our children choose if they wanted to go to school or stay home to greet mom and dad. Guess what they picked! They all went to school. Every. Single. One. Nobody missed us enough to stay home and see us when we arrived. Adelaide did ask for us to check her out early, but that was as much as we got.
We ate lunch with Mimi and Pops (they deserved a quiet meal out!) and went a few minutes (or 30) early to pick up the little girls... can you tell we missed them!? Lucy's class was on the playground, so we went to Julianne's room first. We watched her for a minute through the one way window. She was happily playing with play-doh. I poked my head around the corner and she looked up. Her eyes caught mine... I thought for sure she would come running at me with open arms. I couldn't wait to see the excitement in her eyes and the thrill in her voice as she cried, "Mommy!!" And.... then she went back to playing with her play-doh. She couldn't have cared less that I was there. She did, eventually, come to me. And she acted excited. Probably more out of pity for me than true excitement. But I'll take it. By this time, Lucy was coming in. We went to her and her eyes did light up. She came running, REALLY fast... and went right past me. Into her daddy's arms. I guess that's okay. She is a daddy's girl. Big time. But it would have been nice to get a hug on the way... or a fist bump or something. :) Oh well... Adelaide didn't disappoint. We left Hunter Street to pick her up early and when they paged her to come to the office for checkout, she came running!! She gave us both a hug and I carried her long legged self all the way to the car. I really missed them.
Now it's time to get back to reality... for a few days. We leave Thursday for Nashville... all of us. It's time for Lads to Leaders convention again. Every year, on Easter weekend, our church, along with thousands of other Church of Christ-ians, travel to Nashville, Atlanta, Memphis and other locations to compete in lots of different categories. These are all ways to teach the children (and teens) about the Bible and leading and serving in the Lord's church. They are taught song leading, Scripture reading, Scripture memorization, speech (essentially how to prepare a sermon/lesson) and other events. They learn so much in preparation for competition (and so do the adults that are helping them) and I think it's a great opportunity for them.
This year Adelaide is leading a song (Blue skies and rainbows) and participating in Oral Bible Reading (John 3:16, I think). Lucy and Julianne are going for the first time, too. Well, Lucy has been when she was a nursling, but she doesn't remember it. Lucy is participating in Good Samaritan, where she performs good deeds throughout the year and is rewarded at convention. These good deeds can include, visiting a nursing home, making and sending a card to someone, taking food to the sick, etc. I hope they always enjoy doing things for others and that Lads to Leaders is as special to them as it is to us. I think it's an amazing program. :)
Otherwise, the next couple of weeks are jam-packed with birthday parties and events. Girl scout meetings... dentist appointments. I'm working Kidsmarket this year with Scentsy and I couldn't be more excited about it!!!! I'll be doing that Monday afternoon, all day Tuesday and Sunday April 14. I'm a working girl. :)
Thanks, everyone for reading. I'm shocked at how many people are commenting to me that they've read... I feel special!!! I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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