Friday, March 16, 2012


Lucy (4) is a shy little girl. She doesn't like to be the center of attention.... usually. There are a few, very few exceptions. One happened last night. When she does decide to show off for us, we have to tread lightly. Any unwanted attention, even from Jason and me, and she will shut down. Or worse, melt down. Lucy was wanting to act silly and she was doing a great job of it. Lucy was begging Adelaide (who doesn't like to share the spotlight) to "oos-da-doos" me ... translated, "introduce me." ha!!! I love the fun little things that kids mispronounce. Adelaide used to say "mazagine" instead of magazine. I miss those little things. So, I really loved hearing her say oos-da-doos me... so stinking cute. I also loved seeing her act out and laugh. I love Lucy's laugh. She is hysterical. I wish she would let that side out for others to see. I wish other people knew the Lucy that I know. She's complex to say the least. She's smart and beautiful. She's thoughtful. She's intuitive. She's amazing. I'm so thankful for the little girl that God blessed us with 4 years ago. She misses a lot of the spotlight... and sometimes that's because she's a middle child, but usually it's because she prefers to stay out of it. When she does decide she wants our undivided attention, we try to give it to her. Who knows, maybe one day she'll choose to do something that draws a lot of attention. I can't wait to see!!

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