Monday, May 14, 2012

Meal Planning Monday

I'm linking up for Meal Planning Monday.  Here's what's going on at our house this week... it's kinda crazy with a lot of random events that we don't usually have going on.
Monday: "chicken stuff" basically poppy seed chicken without the poppy seeds :) and english peas
Tuesday: cubed steak with mac and cheese and green beans
Wednesday: BBQ chicken (the kind where you mix coke and ketchup and then just cook the chicken pieces in it.... um... yum!)
Thursday: who knows... Jason's on call and I have bunko, so the girls will be with a sitter... but I'll have to feed them first... so maybe sandwiches or pizza??
Friday: hoagies (the kids call these fancy sandwiches... silly girls)
Saturday: cheesy italian chicken found here. with garlic bread and broccoli


Mommie Till said...

Sounds like a yummy week of meals! Do you plan breakfast & lunches too?

The McKeowns said...

Wendy, I don't typically plan lunches or breakfasts. During school the mornings are pretty hectic and Adelaide usually eats oatmeal and fruit and/or yogurt. Julianne usually eats oatmeal and Lucy usually prefers either an oatmeal square or waffle with apple butter.
For lunch, Jason usually takes leftovers to work. Before I started Body by Vi shakes, I usually ate leftovers, too. The girls usually have sandwiches at home and I pack bento style lunches when they are in school.... but they aren't terribly planned. :)