Monday, May 7, 2012

Introducing.... my better half

See how Adelaide is looking at him??  I lurve it!

A lot of my readers are close friends of our's and family, but recently, I've had some people pop over that I don't know and I want to introduce everyone to my better half.
I wrote about my love story on Friday, so a lot of you already know a little bit about Jason, but I just want to take a minute to tell you how truly awesome I think he is.  And no, I'm not in trouble, nor am I about to ask him for anything monumental.... I just really love him and I want the world to know.
Jason is thoughtful, caring, compassionate, romantic, patient (holy moly, is he patient), selfless, hilarious, quiet, fit, dedicated, hard working, tender, a wonderful listener (maybe the best listener I've ever known).... I could go on forever, but it's naptime and my hair is wet... so I'll stop there.  You get the idea.  Seriously, he's amazing.  I am so very thankful for the strong father and devoted husband that he is. He doesn't do anything for himself.  Nothing... except run.... if you enjoy that kind of thing.  He doesn't play golf or hunt... he doesn't hang out after work with the guys.  He goes to work and then spends his "free time" at home with us.  And he likes it that way.  I think. :)
When he comes in, he picks right up as Daddy.  He doesn't expect to sit in the recliner for an hour (we don't have a recliner, but he wouldn't sit it in if we did).  He comes in and helps with the kids. Or pushes Julianne in the swing.  Or he'll load up their bikes and take them to the park.  He loves his kids.  And they love him right back.  And you know what?  He loves me too.  I can tell.  And that in itself is pretty awesome.
And he makes some mean homemade ice cream!

And he builds the best Repunzel town you've ever laid eyes on!

He works so hard for us.  My mom always told me not to marry a doctor because they're never home.  And that can be true sometimes.  He works a lot... but he leaves it at work.  When he comes home, he's totally devoted to us.  For those of you that don't know, Jason practices Pain Medicine and Anesthesia at UAB hospital.  He's recently taken another board exam (that's 3) for Palliative and Hospice Medicine.  He's a nerd. (just kidding, kinda)  He's so loving and tender, though, that I know he's making a difference for his patients.   He just posted a blog about the death of a good friend of ours and the impact it had on him, not only personally but also in his career.  I hope you'll check it out here.

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