Sunday, May 20, 2012

The transition to the big girl bed

This past week, we've been potty training Julianne.  She's been doing pretty well for awhile, but last week, we decided to get rid of the pull-ups.  She's doing great during the day and wearing a pull-up to bed.  How can we work on night training her if she can't get out of her bed to go potty?  With my older girls, we night trained them at the same time as they potty trained.  We set up a little potty right next to their bed since sometimes they were intimidated by having to get up and leave the room.  So, if the potty is right there by the bed, they were more comfortable getting up and using the potty.  She's doing great!!  We have had very few accidents this week.  I'm pretty much doing the reminding... constantly.... so I'm ready for her to start letting me know when she needs to go.  I'm tired of being trained! :)
On to the transition to the big girl bed...  with Adelaide and Lucy we moved them straight from their crib to a twin bed.  And they were both much younger than Julianne is when we moved them.  But it was because there was another baby that needed the crib.  With Julianne, we've just left her in the crib longer because, well, why not??   We had a plan for Julianne to move into the room with Lucy.
Wait... this requires some background information.  Awhile back, we moved Adelaide and Lucy into the room together (Lucy was  about 2.5) and they shared a room with two twin beds.  This worked out okay... except Lucy wakes up at  before the crack of dawn.  Really... this morning I heard her around 5:20.  And she's really up.  Like clothes on, bed made up.  She knows that she's not allowed to come out of her room until 7:00.  And she follows that rule.  Normally.  But she's still awake... with all the lights on in her room.  So, we moved Adelaide into the guest room when she started school this past year so that she can sleep a little better without her wake up call from her sister.
Therefore, Lucy had a room to herself.  The plan was for Julianne to move in with her, but for all the same reasons listed above, Lucy will likely always have a room to herself. ha!!
Jason has always been opposed to a toddler bed.  What's the point if they aren't going to be in it for very long??  Just move her into the big bed.  Well, I put up a mayday post on facebook looking for a toddler bed that someone was getting rid of... and what do you know!?  Someone had one that matched Juli's existing furniture.  Voila!   The crib mattress fits the toddler bed, so her sheets are still a perfect fit, but her bumper and dust ruffle don't work anymore.   Mama wanted to make Julianne a new blanket that matched her room.  I had bought some extra fabric that matched her bedding awhile back to make a shower curtain for her bathroom..... so I pulled it out and found some cute coordinating fabric for the back of the blanket on sale at Hancock fabrics.  It was less than $10!!!  So, this morning, I measured it all out and just sewed it up into a square.  I could have used batting, but she's not going to use it as an actual cover-up blanket... she already has a blanket she loves... it's just to make the bed look fabulous.  If you are thinking of making a blanket for your toddler, all you need is fabric (two pieces, either the same fabric or coordinating pieces) measureing 38x52.  Put wrong sides together and stitch along all four sides leaving a 5 inch gap to turn right side out.  Push the corners out and iron well.  Turn the ends under as well as you can and sew the gap closed.
Tadah!  Your blanket's done... and your toddler is thrilled.

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