Friday, May 18, 2012

Catch up!!!!!

This month has been crazy and I haven't posted many pictures, so here's the past few weeks in photos.

 On May 1, Scentsy Family launched a new company called Velata.  It's chocolate fondue that's melted with a light bulb!  It's delicious.  This is Lucy trying it out for the first time.  She approved.
 We were invited to a super fun birthday party at a Gymnastics place... the girls had a blast.
 Juli on the balance "bean" her favorite.
 Lucy in the pit of foam blocks (her favorite).
 Julianne is potty training... and learning to put on her own underpants... there is a learning curve. :)
 We had field day this morning at Adelaide's school.  The kids had a blast, but mom's really tired.
 The good ol' egg and spoon game... with a wooden egg (good choice).
 Me and my soon to be first grader. *tear*
 We also had the kindergarten end of the year party... this is the luau relay.
 That's major concentration on her craft (she gets that from her daddy... the concentration, not the crafts).
She has perfected her limbo form!

Like I said the last month has been crazy, but so much fun.  Julianne is sleeping in her big girl bed as we speak (I hope).  I didn't take a picture of her tonight because I was afraid to rock the boat.  Maybe after a successful night we'll try for a photo op in the morning.  I'm so ready for summer I can taste it.  Remind me of that in a couple of weeks. :)  I miss my Adelaide though... all day at school is too long.  

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