Monday, April 23, 2012

24 Day Challenge

Will you go on a journey with me??  I'm starting a 24 day challenge tomorrow to jump start my lifestyle change.  I don't want to call this only a weight loss challenge, although I sure hope that's a side effect.  I'm just not happy with my eating habits and my lifestyle right now.  I was on a really good workout schedule for awhile and it made me feel great!  However, life happened, and I fell off that schedule.  It really wasn't all my fault, but I do assume some responsibility in not making it happen the way I should.  Being the mama in this household, I pretty much pick up the slack when things get crazy.  And, sadly, that means some things that I want to do get kicked to the curb when the going gets tough (read: stomach virus week or husband on mission trip).   Well, I'm heading out to the gym in a few minutes and then going to the grocery store right after for some essentials for my 24 day challenge.  I'm going to be doing the Advocare challenge thanks to my good friend, Lauren Butler.  She introduced me to Advocare and she did the 24 day challenge with great results!  I am blogging on this simply because I need accountability.  I need to know when the snacks are calling my name that I'm going to be writing about it later.
For those of you that know me well, I'll tell it like it is.  So, stay posted for the next 10 days of my cleanse phase.  During this phase, you eat very little sugar, almost zero carbs and a lot of fresh fruits and veggies.  If I bite your head off, I'm sorry.  I'm probably not going to be very fun to be around until later. :)
Here's to my last day of freedom.

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The Butler Family said...

You CAN do this!!! You are such a disciplined and organized woman for your family so I know that you will be able to do this for yourself. I have faith in you :)