Friday, April 20, 2012

Diaper cake "May the force be with Jordan"

I'm making a diaper cake for a friend's shower.  Her nursery will be decorated in Star Wars theme, so that's, of course, what we're using for the theme.

I used a tutorial from Pinterest.  You can find it here.  I found it easier to put a few diapers on the layer and then put the rubber band around it... then you can tuck the diapers into the layer without having 6 hands.  She also recommends just rolling through the crotchy part that tries to bunch... but I found my diapers to be irregular and bulky that way... so I held it taught with my left hand and rolled with my right hand.  They all rolled nice and tightly and that's the look I was going for.
I found the little plush guys at Target and the ribbon is just held on with sticky dots.  I think it turned out cute!
I love that the whole thing is completely functional!  The supports in the middle are baby powder and a bottle stacked on top of each other and then 2 packages of diapers stacked around them.

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