Friday, April 6, 2012

Lazy lazy lazy

I have a really hard time accepting laziness. I just don't understand it. How does a mama sit in a room while everyone around is bustling to get a party ready and not lift a finger!? How is that even possible? I love to be busy. I love to help. I love to be needed. Let's face it. It's nice to feel needed and helpful. Isn't it!? Am I the only one that likes to feel like I've made someone else's life easier? Well, I've been faced with a plethora of moms this year that just don't seem to be connected. They don't seem to have time for their children... they don't seem to be interested in taking a few minutes out of their day (or month) to help in the classroom... they just don't seem to care at all. I'm the room mom in Adelaide's class, and I'm shocked at how many parents didn't volunteer for ANYTHING! I understand some moms have to work and it must be difficult to figure out a schedule for helping in your child's classroom while working full time outside the home. But there's still plenty that can be done! When there's a party at school and you are asked to send something in, that's a perfect opportunity! It doesn't require anyone's presence... it doesn't require you to forfeit your lunch hour or miss a meeting. You just need to buy a package of capri suns and put them in your child's backpack!? Am I missing something!?
Anyway, thankfully, there are a few parents that help with matters in the classroom, but it's just a few.
Well, yesterday we had a party for Julianne's class. At the beginning of the year, there's a signup sheet for all of the parties. There's a place to sign up for food, paper goods and party favors. Normally there are two people that bring food... because that's a pretty big undertaking. Well, nobody else was signed up for food. The teacher sent home a note asking for help and when nobody offered to help, she offered to bring something. But she has her own kids' parties to prepare for. She shouldn't have to bring food for her class. So, I did it myself. (*disclaimer: there was a helpful mom... she brought table clothes, plates and napkins... and the other helpful mom was out of town, so this isn't directed at them... at all) There's also a child in the class with a gluten allergy... so I had to make arrangements for him also... we had pizza, fruit, marshmallows dipped in white chocolate and milk boxes. While we were setting up, I was running around trying to put pizza on plates, cut fruit and put it out, open milk boxes.... you know the drill. There was another mama just sitting there. Playing on her phone. She made sure to note that she wasn't a "party mom" she was just there early because she didn't have time to go home first. But how does one sit there when things are bustling around them... without offering to help!? What happened to asking, "what can I do??" Or "here, I can put pizza on a plate." AAAAhhhhh!!!! It makes me nuts! Anyway, Jason was there with me. Thankfully. He doesn't usually get to go to their parties, but since we left for Nashville right after, he was off work.
Okay, that's all for my rant. For now. I can't make any promises for the future. :)

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