Monday, April 30, 2012

Meal plan this week

As you all know, I planned meals for the year, but this week, I'm doing the Advocare cleanse, so some of the plans don't quite fit into my cleanse.  I'm making a few adjustments....
Monday: Tacos were the plan... but Jason and I are going out on a date.  I don't know where we're eating, so I'm sure it will end up being some sort of pork or grilled chicken and salad.  Not sure what I'll do for the kids... probably pizza... we'll go for healthy tomorrow. :)
Tuesday: Pork chops and baked beans (this was the plan) I can still do grilled pork chops (maybe marinaded in a raspberry sauce), but I'll do grilled veggies instead of baked beans (I have some fresh zucchini, summer squash and onion)
Wednesday: Breakfast was the plan... which will work well for me.  I'll make scrambled eggs (mostly egg white and one yolk), turkey sausage.  I'll make biscuits or pancakes for the girls and Jason.  And of course, there will be fresh fruit.  Wednesday is the last day of my cleanse, so after that,  I just need to eat smart, but dairy and carbs are allowed in small doses.  :)
Thursday: The plan was italian grilled chicken (perfect!) with green beans
Friday: White pizza- I'll have to check on an alternative for this.... I think it can still be done wisely... I'll just use whole wheat crust, and part skim mozzarella and fresh spinach.
Saturday is supposed to be chicken pot pie... that won't work at all.  I'll figure out something different for that.  Maybe something like shredded chicken quesadillas.

I'm also linking up with another blogger, I'm going to attempt to include their button... let's see if it works. :)

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