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Birth stories and how we chose their names.

This is a little glimpse into the names of our children.  Jason and I "planned" our pregnancy with Adelaide... as much as anyone can plan such.  We made preparations and counted months and such.  She was very planned.  When we found out we were pregnant, I thought for sure we were having a boy.  In my family, a boy came first (my brother) and then I came 6 years later.  In Jason's family, he was first and then his sister came 3 years later.  So... it just made sense to me that a boy was supposed to come first.  We didn't care either way (I know everyone says that, but we really didn't) but I was surprised to find out we were having a girl.  My pregnancy was very easy.  I felt great, was rarely sick and loved (almost) every minute of it.  
I did have a lot of "false labor" toward the end of the pregnancy and she was born, uneventfully, 3 weeks before her due date.  We chose her name pretty simply.  We wanted an Irish name that would sound good with our Irish last name.  When we bought a baby name book "Baby Names around the World" Adelaide was the first name in the girl's section.  We both loved it.  I wanted a name that was unique and special.  I think that's exactly what we got.  A lot of people comment on it and say it's old fashioned.  I guess it is... but not in a "Betty" kind of way.  It means "noble, kind" and I hope she grows into that definition!  
Her middle name is Faith... just because we liked it.  She was an awful baby.  Really, she was.  She cried nonstop until about 8 weeks, where she cried about 20 hours a day.  For reals.  It was terrible.  But I didn't know any better.  
Around the time Adelaide was just over 1 year old, we found out we were expecting Lucy.   She was even more planned than Adelaide.  We really counted days and it took longer to get pregnant with Lucy than we had hoped.  But, alas, she's here, so that's all that matters.  Lucy's birth was a much different story than Adelaide's.  The whole pregnancy was different, in fact.  I was sicker and more tired than I was with Adelaide (and with a toddler at home, there wasn't as much time to rest).  Lucy and Adelaide both had the same due date (November 1), and Lucy made her very eventful entrance into the world 1 week early.  I had been having contractions and such for a couple of weeks, but I wasn't making any progress.  So, my doctor decided to induce at 39 weeks.  I was more than happy to oblige.  We went in for our scheduled birth (I love schedules) and they got the process started. 
 I got my epidural and contractions were speeding up.  About an hour after my epidural, I started feeling woosy.  My blood pressure had plummeted.  I'm told this was a vagal response.  I have no clue if that's spelled right or what it means, but I do know that I "came to" with Jason smacking my face and them bringing in the crash cart and the breathing bag thingy. It was terrifying.  The nurse reprimanded me for not telling her I was feeling badly.  Well, I kinda passed out as soon as that started.  Sorry.  I'll try to give you a heads up next time.  
My mom came in during the afternoon to check on me.  She just couldn't stand staying at home while her baby was in labor.
After about 12 hours of labor the doctor came in and was looking at my strip of paper that measures my contractions.  I could tell by the look on her face that something wasn't right. She stood there, arms crossed for about 2 minutes (seemed like an hour) and then she called it.  "We need to go.. NOW." I remember those words like it was 2 minutes ago.  Jason went into the bathroom to put on scrubs and my mom describes it as superman in the phone booth... the door barely closed behind him and he was out again.  They were throwing stuff in the bed with me, disconnecting cords, and off we went.  I remember my hair blowing behind me as we rushed down the hall. I can only imagine how scared my mom was. Jason was with me... and he was scared too.  But it's horrible to not know what's going on.  When we got to the operating room, the anesthesiologist was in another c-section.  The resident was checking my level to make sure I was numb high enough to perform the surgery.  I wasn't.  They tried pushing more drugs... still not enough.  Jason said after he was afraid they were going to have to put me to sleep.  
Finally, things were numb and they started.  I was so sick.... and let me tell you... vomiting while lying flat on your back and being cut open... it's not fun.  But Lucy arrived healthy and happy and I'm so thankful for her.  That was her last major performance so far.  She likes to stay in the background and not be the center of attention.... so her entrance into our world was uncharacteristic.  
We chose Lucy's name pretty soon after we had Adelaide.  I just liked it and one day I told Jason, let's name our next girl "Lucy" and he agreed.  Not too much of a story there. We chose Kellyn for her middle name in keeping with her Irish heritage.  Lucy means "light" and that's not at all why we chose it, but it fits her.  She lights up a room even though she doesn't mean to.  She's so thoughtful and considerate and I am thankful for her.
Julianne's pregnancy wasn't planned.  At all.  I was going through this stage where I was really questioning birth control and God's plan for us.  I wasn't sure (and I'm still not) what God would have to say about it.  So, I wasn't taking it.   I'm pretty sure I told Jason I was pregnant while in a  McDonalds drive thru... on the phone.  Ha!
Julianne was a planned C-section and it was amazing.  I wasn't sick, it wasn't scary and I would so do it again in a hearbeat!
We chose Julianne Ruby after my grandmother, Julia Anne and Jason's grandmother, Ruby.  My Granny was so very special to me and she had just passed away when we found out we were expecting.  She would have loved Julianne so much... I really with they could have met.  Jason's Grandmama loves Julianne Ruby too and I'm so thankful Julianne knows her.  
There you have it!  For the record,  we had boys names picked out every time, but we haven't had to use them yet.  If Adelaide had been a boy, she would have been Aidan Thomas.  Lucy would have been Isaac Lynn (I think) and Julianne was either Reagan or Rhett Thomas (I think).... the middle names weren't set in stone.  
Thanks for checking in today.  

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