Saturday, April 28, 2012

Advocare challenge day 4 and some other funny stuff too

Well, yesterday was a 24 day challenge fail.  Not really, but I was sick.  I went to bed Thursday night feeling gross.  I ate something allowed on the plan, but heavier than I've been eating. Pork roast.  It was delicious and very lean, but still heavier than the rabbit food I've been eating.  So, I just thought it was making me feel yucky.  I woke up Friday morning still feeling awful.  Not as nauseated, but still just blah.  I didn't sleep well Thursday night, so I thought I was just feeling hungover from a poor night's sleep.  Well, we went on as usual (sort of)... I did the very minimal... which meant my house was a wreck, but I just did the essentials (fed the kids, got them dressed, packed lunch... you know, the minimum).  I had an appointment with a customer to drop off Scentsy testers, so I loaded the girls up and off we went.  I kept thinking I would feel better if I could just get moving and shake last night's dinner.  The little girls were restless, so we went to the mall after our Scentsy errand and I let them wander around for awhile.  I love going places with them when they are free to explore and we aren't in a rush.  It's fun to just let them be.  They pick which way we walk, they spend forever in the toy store... just looking around and playing.  I decided it would be easier for me if I just fed them lunch at the mall rather than trying to prepare lunch when we got home.  So, we stopped at Chick fil a and they gobbled up their nuggets.  I wasn't feeling as nauseated, but I didn't have much of an appetite.  I ordered the grilled chicken sandwich (without the bun) and I could only eat a couple of bites.  I was getting more and more tired and just felt awful, so I told the girls it was time to head home.
They were very cooperative (thankfully) and I put them both to bed by 11:45 (naptime usually isn't until 1:00).  Julianne went right to sleep, but Lucy stayed awake.  I slept for about 30 minutes and woke up feeling chills and achy.  I couldn't tell if the body aches were due to fever or the serious work outs at the gym this week, but I took my temperature and it was 101.5.  ugh.  I can't remember the last time I had a fever.  It's miserable.  I pretty much hung out on the couch until it was time to pick up Adelaide in carpool and then parked it on the couch again until Jason got home.
I am SO thankful for the playground and fenced in backyard!  I just sent the kids out to play and I could still hear them from my post on the couch.  Jason was on call last night (of course) but thankfully he got home around 5:30 or 6:00 (bless his heart for not passing out when he saw the condition of our house) and he took the kids out to grab dinner.  He brought me some chicken noodle soup for dinner and it was pretty good.... but I still wasn't very hungry.  I ate a few bites and fell asleep.  The chicken noodle soup isn't on my plan (staying away from carbs) but it's required when you're sick, right??  That's what my mama would say.  Chicken noodle soup and diet coke.  So, that's what I had.  :)
I slept pretty well and this morning I feel much better.  I don't know what that was about.  Fever virus??  Whatever that means...
So, in summary, my day four didn't really go as planned.  I didn't really stick to the plan very well, but I had a good excuse.  I am down another pound, but I might rebound once  I get up and moving again and actually eating again today.

On another note, my girls are hilarious.  Here are a couple of things from the last couple of days that have cracked me up.  We are trying to talk about ways to be responsible for ourselves.  Adelaide is probably the worst at this.  She forgets her backpack, can't find her shoes, leaves her lunchbox at school... you name it.  I know part of that is normal behavior for a child, but she doesn't seem to be interested in being responsible for herself or her things.  For example, her class goes to the library on Wednesday.  Our rule is that she can get her library book out of her backpack to read it, but then she needs to put it back in her backpack.  She has 2 little sisters... if the book is left out, we might never find it.  So.... this week Wednesday comes along and her book isn't in her bag.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm reading a parenting book called "Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours"  and one of the concepts in this book is "pulling the rug out and letting the little buzzards fall."  Basically, using reality discipline.  So, I told her, she didn't have her book where it was supposed to be, so she didn't get to check one out (that's the school's rule, you have to turn in last week's book to check one out this week).  She comes home from school and says, "I didn't get to check out a book today (in a sad voice)."  I told her that she would have to keep looking for it and when she finds it, she can check out another book.  She responds with, "I can just take in $5 tomorrow and check out another book."  What!?  Fail!!!  Time for a sit down talk.  You will not take in $5 tomorrow.  You will a. look for the book all week... until you find it b. take $5 next week after you've earned every penny of it.  I'm not sending in $5 for something that you didn't take care of.  I was already making a list of things she could do around the house for extra money.  I think I'll keep it for this summer for sno-cone money.  She won't get paid for her regular chores... some things just have to be done because you're part of this family... she will only get paid for the extras (collecting all trash and taking out, sorting all laundry).  I'm thinking $.25 for each extra chore.  Thoughts?  Other ideas for extra chores? I should note that I didn't actually think this is hilarious.  It's a problem.  Adelaide tends to be selfish (is that a first born thing?) and we are trying hard to teach her to think of others first.  I just realized that this whole story came after me saying that my girls are hilarious... I actually thought this instance as infuriating.  And humiliating.  I don't want to raise selfish people.  We are trying to think of ways for our little ones to serve others and remember to think of others before themselves.  I would love to hear thoughts on that also.
On that same note, Lucy was looking at her chore chart and deciding which to do first.  She chose "living room." *it has a picture of a sofa on it*  She brings it to me, so proud, and says, "I'm going to do this one first because it's just sitting on the couch."  Um... no, that one means you pick up all toys from the living room."  ha!!  Silly girl.
Jason took the girls to the dentist this week for their regular cleaning.  The last trip to the dentist was a nightmare.  Adelaide loves to go to the dentist, but Lucy hates all things having to do with doctors and such.  In her defense, she's had some pretty bad experiences with doctors.  Lucy has spent a lot of time in doctors offices since she was tiny.  At her first visit with Dr. Hamm, she was diagnosed with a cleft palate.  We were sent to specialists at Children's hospital and she was poked and prodded with those awful tongue depressors and such every 3 months throughout her first year.  She has had countless ear infections which also meant that she's had to have her ears irrigated probably over 100 times.  Some in the office, some at home.  You know those giant bulb suckers they use in the hospital to suck junk out of babies??  Yeah, we had to use one to shoot salt water into Lucy's ears... nightly.  It was horrible.  Then she got tubes and while they helped her ears to drain, she still got a ton of infections.  Just last week, she went back to Dr. Hamm for another irrigation.  She's probably looking at another set of tubes if this last round of antibiotics doesn't clear up her infection (this is round 3).  Back to the dentist story (I got distracted, shocker).... last time at the dentist, she didn't want anything to do with him.  Even after we watched Adelaide and everything.  The hygienist gave up and said we would just let Dr. Anglin look in her mouth when he came in.  Well, she wasn't interested in that either.  He tried to force his hands in her mouth and she nearly bit his finger off.  Seriously, she bit down so hard on his finger, I thought he was going to shout.  But he didn't.  Bless his heart.  This time Jason took her.  She always does so much better when Jason is with her.  She's such a Daddy's girl.  And he said she went back with the hygienist by herself and came back out when she was done, smiling from ear to ear.  He asked her how it went and she said, "Good, I didn't even bite him!"  I love that girl.
Sorry this turned out so long!  I guess I had to catch up from yesterday. :)

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