Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Advocare 24 day challenge: Day 1 (or .5 since it's only 12:30)

  I wanted to start out with an update of how my 24 day challenge day 1 is going... and I realize it's only lunchtime, so that might be a bit premature, but I probably won't have an opportunity to write after my littles return from school.  So... so far it's going great!  For breakfast, I attempted to mix my fiber drink in my oatmeal which resulted in numerous gags and an eventual "pour it out and start over."  I will stick to mixing it in my orange juice and chugging it down.  It's not all that bad, but I need it to be over quickly and seeing that full bowl of oatmeal that still had to be eaten just didn't work for me.  I've had more water than I care to think about.  I really don't enjoy water... I drink it and it makes me feel good, but I'd rather have diet coke.  Or Splenda tea...  This might be part of my weight problem... you'll see a trend of things I would prefer versus things that I need and are good for me.  Don't worry.  :)
I was very full after my fiber drink, so I had some fruit and almonds for breakfast.  I had a Scentsy training call at 11, and I was starving, so I munched on some apples and peanut butter during the call and went for a meal replacement drink for lunch.  Naptime is my biggest snacking time... the house is quiet and nobody asks to share my food.  :)  So, I'm planning to grab some cantaloupe and maybe some more almonds if I get tempted.
I'm going to a resistance class at the Y this afternoon... partly to stay moving, partly because my kids love to go to the Y and they've begged to go today.
For dinner I'm planning a grilled chicken salad for Jason and me and grilled cheese sandwiches for the girls... Jason is working late tonight, so nothing elaborate.
I weighed this morning, but if you think I'm sharing my numbers, you're just plain nuts.  I will share daily what my stats are... so stay tuned for tomorrow when I tell you that I dropped 10 lbs overnight (a girl can dream, right??).
I have another post I want to write about guiding our children's hearts, but I'm out of time and have to pick up the little girls... so stay tuned for that too.  Also, please be thinking of service opportunities for my young children.  I'm excited to hear what ideas you all have.

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