Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Advocare 24 day challenge Day 2

I’m halfway through day 2.  Today has been pretty good.  I started out my morning with my fiber drink mixed with Spark, thanks to the recommendation from a friend.  It was so much better!  Spark is similar to Crystal Light… only not at all…but you do mix it in powder form with your water to make some yummy goodness.  It has vitamins and amino acids and such.  The drink was much better mixed with that.  I’ve been using orange juice, but that makes it even thicker… which is nasty. 
The fiber drink is essentially sawdust (I kid… kind of ) so I wasn’t very hungry right after drinking it.   So, I waited about an hour or so after I finished it before eating something (when I was feeling hungry).  I had a banana and felt much better.  I should mention here that I did have a cup of coffee this morning… which I wasn’t supposed to do.  But a life without coffee isn’t worth living… so if that ruins my cleanse… then it’s not meant to be.  All things in moderation, right?  Well, that’s my outlook when it comes to coffee. My family still has to live with me during this experience and it wouldn’t be fair on anyone to take away my coffee.  There…. Enough about that.
I felt hungry (and maybe a little light headed) around 11, so I had a handful of almonds.  And then a meal replacement shake for lunch.  Now I’m waiting on a conference call to start and I may have some fruit in a bit.  Tonight for dinner is Turkey burgers (but since I’m not doing carbs this week, I’ll have mine on a bed of lettuce.  Mmmmm…. You’re jealous, right?  Yeah, me neither. 
Oh!  I almost forgot .  I made Kale chips last night.  I wish they weren’t called chips because the word chips makes my heart beat fast… these didn’t do that for me.  They weren’t awful (I might be lying just a little) but I wish they were called something more along the lines of “crispy kale” or “crunchy kale” or “it’s nothing like chips and a lot like a vegetable… so don’t be deceived.”  I also took a Y-resist class yesterday afternoon.  The instructor jokingly called it the wheel of death.  Btu she wasn’t joking.  At all.  I’m almost dead right now.  Except for all the pain.  I still feel it.  It was set up in circuits with a bunch of weights and resistance bands around the perimeter and mats in the middle… each circuit lasted 1 minute and then you returned to the mats for a 1 minute plank.  I hate her.  She’s a mean, terrible person for doing that to others.  Just kidding.  No pain no gain… and all that.  But today, I’m miserable. J (that smiley makes it all better, right??  Right???)

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